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Here is some of the information I have received myself. During an angel/guide reading given by a friend, I was told that I had this guide with me. He has been with me since ancient times. I don't know a name for this guide, and that doesn't matter to me. I figure any entity can call itself anything. When I asked how I could better communicate with him, I was told to try automatic writing. I had done non-dominant writing before, with some success, so I gave it a try. To my surprize, it worked! I have some of the "letters" transcribed here on my site. You are welcome to read them. I find them fascinating. I make no claims of any kind regarding the words I have transcribed from my journaling. I haven't put everything I get on my site because some of it is just personal stuff.

I usually start by asking a question, but not always.
In the following pages, I am Lo, and my guide is A.

10/2/96 First Try

10/3/96 Look Around

10/12/96 The Path

10/14/96 Gifts

10/24/96 Sparks

10/29/96 No Guilt

11/1/96 Decide

11/4/96 A Choice

11/13/96 Enemy

11/14/96 Photon?

12/2/96 Intention

12/3/96 Hit Bottom

12/5/96 No Fear

12/16/96 Let Go

2/2/97 Relax

2/25/97 Share the Light

3/8/97 More on Intention

3/20/97 A Call to Arms

3/24/97 No Reason to Fear

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