No Fear

Dec 5, 1996

Lo : Today was rumored to be the day of the opening of the Hall of Records. So much of me wants this to happen, to show the world some great secret that will help open their eyes.

A : There are many things which will soon be brought to light. Today was no different than any other day. Many times some bits and pieces will fall together, and when more of this knowledge of Love is received, more will be shared about what it all means.

I know you want more direct answers. There is only so much which I can tell, as many on your planet are using their Free Will to go off into directions that are of their own interests, not that of all of the people.

Our time together is to help learn how to redirect the focus, from the material, which has had too much attention, to the Spiritual, which although not as readily seen, exists beside you none the less.

The doubts that many have is only because their focus is on what is already known, what can be proven. Some of what is happening now has never happened before, anywhere. There is a shift which must take place to align the souls on Earth to be more in balance with the energies which surround it.

If many people merely focus on the possibilities of positive change ahead, and not fear them, the growth of the positive forces will be able to assist in the new dawning.

Often, when something is new, it is feared, even when there is no logical basis, or past reference to determine that this is a rational fear.

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