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February 25,

A: I wish now to direct you to take time to clear yourself more thoroughly. The worst of times in your home are almost over. Intention and faith are things you need to concentrate on to assist in the happenings that await you.

You have made great progress in connecting with those that can be of service. Continue to respond to all in a loving, positive manner. Look, even one who is difficult has seen your light. The group of women is good, but you have added so many so quickly that it has changed it's dynamic somewhat. There needs to be a gathering to aquaint yourselves with each other better. This will help maintain the closeness that was originally present when you first gathered together.

There is much you can do with focused attention. Often, the will of one can interfere, but the overall benefit can surpass what would be accomplished by one alone.

I am hoping that you are seeing yourself differently now, There is not as much insecurity and doubt in your ability to be of service. The word conduit is a good description of what needs to occur. You can forward the information that will guide those who are of the spirit of love into greater and greater ways of service. The strength with which your own genuine light is shown will influence others to know that they too have such a light within them. That it can be trusted and that there is much which can be accomplished when the ego is denied. Not as a sacraficial thing, but as a recognition of the greater power of the One when it is recognized as such.

There is no reason to delay in sharing what you are learning. Transcribing these sessions is part of how you will be able to share with others.

This love we are giving you is deserved. Although you still have not let go of parts of you that need to be removed, you have cleared enough to be able to sense some things in the people around you.

Take the time to enjoy this process. Lately I know there has been a lot of time spent in preparation and it feels like you are going in circles at times. It really has been preparation, and you have made ready the tools to begin to develop a system of communication that can connect to many of like minds.

To go to the others in a sense of love is all that is necessary at this time. Love to you.

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