Oct 24, 1996

Lo : I made no statement or question this time. I just began to write.

A : Your desire to be of service is noted and celebrated. Do not question your worthiness or ability, as neither is a factor in what you are to accomplish. We are all of one mind in the level of Spirit. Each has it's own spark. None greater than any other.

It is time to prepare yourself for that which is to come. The better you are able to receive the message, the more you will be able to understand and to teach to others.

Our purpose is one of unity. To unite that which has been divided. Each day it is important to try to take a step forward. There is much to be done, but do not concern yourself about the timing. It will come as it should. You will not make mistakes, unless you fear your own ability and process this information in a way that makes you question yourself.

It is time to clear yourself of that which acts as a filter to the energy that is trying to reach you. Only you can take the steps which need to be taken to free yourself to be of greater service. You must now realize that although the body is not what you are, it is the vehicle that is in purpose now on the earth. It has not been as wisely managed, not just yours, but many others as well. To begin to return, to the state of being that will be required, is your goal. This will take some time and effort on your part, but in doing so, the gain to all will be great.

There is a time each day, when you will need to acknowledge the souls of those who are struggling to understand the changes about to take place. You have already made contact with a few, and their ears have been opened. It can now be enlarged, in a sense, to create a source of healing for those that need it. Each bit of energy that can be directed toward the goal of completion, is one that will raise the vibration of the whole. Each spark may seem small to some, but there is great power in the combined force of the Spirit within.

Take care to have a time to rejuvenate each day. A small meditation can connect to the larger systems now coming into play.

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Lo the Seektress