A Call to

March 20, 1997
Vernal Equinox

Lo: I know that this is a time of great energy. I have read today, the message from Sananda asking the Lightworkers to connect with their own energies. What can I do, or tell others, that will help with the decisions being made?

A: There is time now for us to work as one in the manner which we have been to share the knowledge that is to be made known.

Many people are having a difficult time in the present. There is much turmoil and confusion in many areas about many things. Such is the case when change occurs. To be in flux is at times traumatic and bewildering. You have noticed in yourself the last few days, a tendency toward being confused. Not being sure which task to do first, how to set your priorities. You have felt your thoughts going around in circles of indecision.

You are not the only one. There is a struggle at this time which needs to be addressed. There are forces at play which few know about, and even fewer understand. For a while now, there have been those on your planet that have felt the need to control. For whatever reasons, they have attempted to direct systems and energies which they do not have the adequate understanding to handle.

This has been causing problems in the systems which result in calamity if not corrected. There has been sufficient time for many to awaken that have been here to assist in the rejuvination of your planet. Some of these will have very specific parts to play as this all unfolds. There are still many undetermined events which are in sort of a limbo state because there has not been enough energy in a single direction to influence the way things will go.

The reason for the message from Sananda is to direct the focus of those that are aware, to a specific target. Each one, acknowledging their part of the whole, will stregthen the field of Light which is beginning to influence certain processes taking place. There has not yet been a period in time which required such diligence and expression of Light/Love before. The house of cards is balancing at the moment, but there is no guarantee that it will remain still for long.

Be alert to messages over the next few days. Keep in touch with the Light around you. Bring it more into your home and your places of gathering. Notice the Light and Love in everything around you. Give thanks for all that you can see that is good, and of Spirit.

This time is like a call to arms or maybe a strategy session. All Lightworkers centering themselves will prepare themselves for newer, more direct connections to the Christ consciousness.

There is a Stargate opening in Mexico. There has been a lot of activity in Mexico lately regarding your "UFOs". The reason for this is to communicate with those that are open to the Light, and to be of service.

Take a moment each day to focus on the part of you that is of the One. Connect with those others you know to be of Spirit and appreciative of the energy shifts that are taking place. No one wants to see another suffer or be hurt, if they love them as themselves.

Forgiveness must be scattered over all on your planet. This is happening at a higher level, but to be even more successful, means must be found to connect with the Source of Love and learn the use of forgiveness. To forgive is to acknowledge the error, but love the one who erred anyway. To accomplish this, the ego must be repressed or denied.

There is much misinformation about the approaching changes. Anyone who states that they absolutely know what is going to happen, and when, should be busy elsewhere. No one knows, because no one has created it.

Blessings and Love to you. Be strong.

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