Nov 1, 1996

Lo : I just started to write this time.

A : It is time for us to begin a new chapter. This will require more effort on your part to clarify your intentions.

It is wise to think about and read many different things which have to do with the approaching changes. More and more information is now coming into your world. Some of it has already caused changes in behavior patterns. There are a great many more changes that will take place.

It is necessary to decide if this participation is one in which you believe will bring a better understanding of the cohesion of elements which is facilitating the rise to Christ Consciousness. It will take some time to learn and understand how each "small" thought or action can contribute to, or delay, the progress that is being made. Each time one of you decides to do something which is of the Light, the Light will grow. Many are wondering if the strength of the Light will be enough. This is something that must be understood.

The Light is strong and can be made even stronger. You cannot change the strength of the Light, you can only either allow it to be the power that it is, or decide to filter it, thereby weakening the effect the Light has on all that is.

In a short time, more things will become even clearer. You have known that you are a part of this process. How you choose to participate will either better help the transition, or will hinder the way the energy will be changed. It is up to you.

The time for wondering is drawing to a close. The time of knowing is approaching. You have noticed how fast the days have been going by. This is an illusion, but at the same time, it is a part of your being and your point of service which is of the plan to become the One in all things.

It is important to try and meditate to help loosen the binds that the world has on your mind. You have all that you need, and will know what to do.

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