February 2, 1997

Lo: I feel badly that I haven't been in touch the last month. Please forgive my neglect.

A: It's fine. You are here now. You were preoccupied and dealing with things that took preference. There is no reason to feel inadequate. We are always here and nothing has gone wrong.

Please forgive yourself because you have not been unreachable. Just not in the way we are doing this now.

You have made some changes which will assist you in the future. There is still much to be accomplished and you have made a good start.

Be wary of those who ridicule and demean you for no obvious reason. They can distract from more important things. Let them have their say, and let it go and go on with your own efforts. Many are feeling the pressures of the energy changes now. Relax. There will be time to go deeper into things we need to discuss. Certain elements of the situation around you had to fall into place to proceed. This is happening now. You can sense something ahead. As time goes on, more will be revealed to you. Your connection on the internet is increasing. You can feel this happening. It is a good thing. It is a vast network that can use as much light as possible.

There will be time to create a very beneficial outlet for information that will assist many in their struggle and journey on their paths. Do not be concerned that it is not there yet. You have not received all the pieces yet and you know that this will be something of quality.

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Lo the Seektress