No Reason
To Fear

March 24, 1997

A: You have noticed that there are many different sources and opinions on that which is beginning to unfold. It seems that there is too much to sort out and keep straight. One of the reasons is that different paths will be followed to reach the same destination.

The forces that are coming into play will direct those traveling upon the paths that are best for them. Just try to follow what resonates best with your heart. You will be able to feel which is the information that applies to you, as others will for themselves.

It is a time of shifting energies as you know. Much is yet to be accomplished and some headway has been made. Do not try to absorb it all at once or you will be distracted and confused. I can tell that you feel you might overlook something of importance, but you will be given what you need, so there is no need to be concerned.

Many are starting to focus now on the times of trouble which have been predicted. This can be a fearful pursuit and can cause one to get sidetracked and not do what is necessary to grow. There is no reason to fear what is ahead unless there is rejection of the Love and Light energies which are becoming more a part of your experience.

You were right when you remembered the writings from the Bible about not knowing when things will occur. For now, it is enough to know that there are things to be done and changes in attitudes that are necessary to fulfill the plan for emergence that has been set in motion.

Many of you are beginning to awaken to the possibilities of a world which has remembered it's rightful place in the Universe. For so long, outside influences have taken away attention from the systems that were originally in place to have a peaceful and abundant life on your planet.

There will be times ahead when choices have to be made. Some of these choices will effect the direction of the progression into the Light. Many on Earth do not understand the great influence they have in the processes which have begun. It is unfortunate because if the energy would be directed more in tune with the greater plan, then things would go more smoothly and benfit more of you quicker.

Doors will open for you as it becomes time for them to open. You will be able to see which direction to take if you pay attention to the things around you that point the way.

There are those who are still waiting to hear what they must do to assist, and others who have so much fear that any attempts to communicate with them is fruitless. These are the ones which will have the most difficult time. If there is a growing sense of community and Oneness, great progress could be made.

You must try to get as much information to as many as possible. This thing on the internet will be very useful, but not complete because not all of you have access to it. Do not be concerned about that because there are also other methods of communication which are being used to spread the message and bring awareness.

Some people are so afraid of Love. This is something that needs to be altered to achieve success in the days ahead. If you decide that the message of Oneness is what needs to be shared, then you will be given the opportunity to deliver that news. All in good time.

Just know that you are loved and all will go well with you.

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