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One of the things that I run into a lot, is the confusion between Spirituality and Religion. These are definately two very different things. One can be very spiritual and not religious. One can also be very religious, but not very spiritual. One can be neither, or both. Are you confused yet?

I prefer to think in terms of Spirituality. To me, this means my own relationship with Spirit/God/Goddess/All That Is. The way I live my life comes from that relationship. This does not necessitate a religion in the traditional organized sense. People were very spiritual long before there were religions. Sometimes, I think people may have been much more truly spiritual before, than after, religions came into the picture.

Once religion showed up, humans got their hands into it, and look what happened. Or, maybe it would be more appropriate to say we got our egos into it. We took a good thing and muddied it up. Starting right in the Garden of Eden (whatever that symbolizes for you).

The more we meddled, the farther away we got from our connection to the One. We theorized, philosophized, and dogmatized ourselves into one heck of a mess! Everyone's religions claiming theirs is the only true way to God or salvation, or nirvana, or whatever term they use. Meanwhile, with every new law, every new rule, things just got more and more seperated from the simple way it all began. The way it's supposed to work.

It is just supposed to be about Love. That's all. One easy word. But I guess it's not really so easy, though, is it? If you don't believe it, look around. Our world can hardly be seen as being based on Love.

The way I look at it is, we have tried the way of the ego and found out it's no good. We are more "in the image" than we realize, and have forgotten. We need more Spirituality and less religion to get back on track. "New Age" to me is more of that which we are capable. Not the humanistic aspect often referred to as "New Age". A closer, more interactive relationship with the Source of Light & Love.

To me, Light & Love are the foundation. The energy of which everything is comprised. The way back to the One. We just have to remember and redirect our focus. And at this point, that's not going to always be easy, not by any means. But it would be worth the effort. It's not working the way it is now, is it?

Here's a few places with info about ways we can do that. There are many paths to the Light, not just one. We need to go inside to find them, however. The ego directs us outwards, away from our Source of Light & Love. It makes us focus on the physical, it distracts us. We need to tell it to take a hike!

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