Channeling. What is this about?

Channeling sure has been popular lately. At least it seems that way. Of course, it's been going on for ages, but just recently, at least to me, it seems that there's channelers all over the place!

My first contact with channeling came through books about Edgar Cayce. Although some members of A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment), disagree on whether or not Cayce's info was channeled, or from his higher self. To some, that's the same thing.

If we are truly "in the world, but not of the world", it would make sense, to me. If part of our image is "in the image", then why not have abilities of which we are unaware? Or have we just forgotten how to use them? I wonder.

Channeling is a way that information is received from a source other than our conscious selves. Some say it comes from our Higher Self, or Spirit, or even other entities, angels, guides, even those who have died. I believe, that if one can detach enough from the physical, and the ego, anyone can do it. Meditation helps in acheiving this detachment.
I have read a great deal of channeled information. Some of it very good, with a ring of truth to it, and then there's other stuff, that in my opinion, is more off the wall than me. More of the later than the former. I like Ben Swett's views about evaluating information and guides. It is very important to evaluate the source of the channeled information.

Surprisingly, I have begun to receive something from somebody, that I know is not me. I've been told he is an old guide of mine, from ancient days. I don't know a name for him. I just know I'm not that wise, nor that loving, and that it's not me writing this stuff. (S)

Anyway, I have transcribed a few pages of the stuff I've been getting. You can decide for yourself about it's content. You'll find it in "Lo's Letters". The link is below.

I have also put links to web sites which, in my opinion, give pretty good channeled information. As always, use your own discernment when reading "channeled" materials. And protect your own space when attempting to channel. You don't want just anyone to come on by. I burn white sage, bless my space, and pray/ask to be protected so that only those of Spirit will enter.

Also, check out my Unexplained pages, for links that may overlap, or which have additional information.

Links to Channeling and Such Related Sites

Association for Research and Enlightenment
International Headquarters of the Edgar Cayce Readings

Most popularly known as "The Sleeping Prophet", in life, Edgar Cayce considered himself a medical missionary. He felt his ability to give "readings" was a gift from God. A.R.E. continues today, as when he formed it, to store and research his over 14,000 readings. I'm a fan.

A.R.E. Headquarters of the Cayce Readings

Edgar Cayce Resource Center

The Heritage Store - Cayce Cures

Baar Products - Cayce remedies and tools


I just discovered Lazaris in 1996. He began communicating with Jach and Peny Pursel, in 1974. I have read the Lazaris interviews, and have attended an on line conference with Jach channeling Lazaris. It was quite an experience. Over 260 people, from all over the world were in attendance. The energy could definately be felt. I enjoy Lazaris' sense of humor, as well as his wisdom. His words have definately struck home with me, many times. Lazaris has an unique description of karma and parallel lives.

Lazaris Home Page

The Seth Materials

Jane Roberts began channeling Seth in 1963. There is a lot to read about the Seth Materials, and it is all fascinating. Some of the best explanations of the nature of time, and reincarnation, that I have read, have been from Seth.

Seth-Jane Roberts


Kryon is channeled by Lee Carroll. Although I have not read as much of Kryon's information as I would like, what I have read is very good. Lee Carroll takes an interesting position regarding Kryon's work, unusual for most channelers. He looks for commonly accessible evidence of things which Kryon talks about, and finds it.

Kryon Home Page

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a messenger for the beings called Ascended Masters. She and her late husband, Mark, have published more than 75 books from the more than 1,800 messages, or "dictations" that she has received through the agency of the Holy Spirit.


eachings of the Ascended Masters

Lo's Letters

Here is some of the information I have received myself. During an angel/guide reading given by a friend, I was told that I had this guide with me. He has been with me since ancient times. I don't know a name for this guide, and that doesn't matter to me. I figure any entity can call itself anything. When I asked how I could better communicate with him, I was told to try automatic writing. I had done non-dominant writing before, with some success, so I gave it a try. To my surprize, it worked! I have some of the "letters" transcribed here on my site. You are welcome to read them. I find them fascinating. I make no claims of any kind regarding the words I have transcribed from my journaling.

Lo's Letters Pages

Access New Age: Psychic Phenomena & Channeling

New Age Page: Channeled Page

Lo's Spirituality, the old "New Age" page

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Note: Whenever reading channeled material, it is important to practice your own discernment.
There's a lot of stuff out there.
Take what works, and leave the rest.

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