The Path

Oct 12, 1996

Lo : Please, if it is God's will, continue to tell me what I am supposed to learn and how to do it.

A : Good. It is good that you are here now. We are glad that this time is being spent together.

I know it may still be hard to listen and understand, but the time is getting closer when more will make sense to you. Just be open and fear not.

There are many who are waiting to hear the message, so many that I cannot tell you a number.

There is but a short time to prepare. We must do this together and I know that as we go along, it will become easier and clearer to you.

You have so many questions. We are working to help the adjustment go smoother. There will be many changes ahead. Look to what you have learned to know the right path to follow.

Not all of you have spent time to find the Truth. It is this that is causing problems and distracting you from returning to that which you were.

How often, those who suffer can be comforted, yet not enough of the caring that is needed is shared. It is a good thing that those who understand can bring the knowledge to others who are confused.

This is not a race or competition. Everything each of you needs has been given to you tenfold. It is just so frustrating to try and follow the right path when so many ways are put before you.

If only it could be remembered that no walk in the light will have wrong turns. If one stops to look at the shadows, to examine them, or even go into them, then it slows down all that is involved to get to, and stay on, the path to the Light.

You have met some people who understand. More will come. You may not always feel at ease with what is happening. That is understandable, but it is nothing to be concerned with.

Each of you has a purpose. Finding that purpose and fulfilling it, in the Light, is the task at hand.

Each time one of you does an act of goodness, it makes the goodness grow and expand. There need not be any right or wrong. All things just are. As they have been created. Your duty is to find your purpose and strive to acheive it. Not for the sake of gain, excepting where the love makes all things appear as a gift.

I am holding a small apple. In it is the seeds. I can eat the apple and throw away the seeds, or, I can save them to be planted, and from those seeds, enough apples would be yielded to feed me for a lifetime. Perhaps, forever. The apple must be shared and consumed, so that the seeds can be uncovered and planted to prepare for the future needs.

This is what I am here to help you do. Plant seeds.

You can feel that this is a good thing to do. You have been told by others that they understand. Not all will, of course, but each has to find his/her own truth to make ready for the next wave of energy and change that is ahead.

It can be done, but one must have a desire to continue, or give up and be lost on the path, never knowing what had been missed by making the wrong turn.

Such is it with you. Fear not that we will make a wrong turn. You know that people will listen to what they want to hear, and not always to the quiet that surrounds them with all the answers.

Trust the process of what lies ahead. Blessings to you, and our spirit will be with you as we learn and grow together.

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