Nov 13, 1996

Lo : As usual, I am anxious and wanting to do something to help more become aware of the progressing shift which we are experiencing. I get frustrated by the hard heads and hearts that surround me.

A : Be patient with yourself and others. Some of these changes which are taking place are hard to understand with limited perception. Those who insist that their reality does not include the factors of Love and Light will be having a hard time later, to be sure. There are many, many people experiencing difficulties, especially about spiritual and so-called "religious" beliefs.

The information that you have been discussing with others will do what a seed does, you know the story. There are those, of course, who would ridicule, but this is not important. They may or may not be open to the reception of the Truth at this time. Some of them fear so many things and that if they somehow admit to a belief in something they cannot prove, it is a sign of weakness, or loss of control. Your message about the ego was well placed. (here) Some will find it disturbing, because their perception of their ego is false. Many feel the ego is their true self and that they have to defend it, else conceed, and somehow feel like their basis of belief is wrong.

The ego is such a confusing issue for so many. It causes more harm than good. If one could realize that the ego is basically a liar, then great progress could be made.

There can be messages attached to an individual's belief system that are not valid. The defense of the ego is one thing that is loaded with misinformation, and yet has the strongest hold on a person. It is the National Enquirer of the psyche. It can create and defend the most harmful positions. Nothing holds one back on the path to the Light more than does the ego. It really does "have a mind of its own". The good news is, that it can be changed if the effort is applied.

That is one of the things we are working on, to find ways to dismantle the ego. As you continue to write, you will help yourself, and others to realize that the ego is the enemy.

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