Oct 3, 1996

Lo : I am here again. I wish to continue learning, so to be of service. I still have some fear and doubt as to what my part should be and if I am capable of doing it, as it is willed by Spirit.

A : I have been with you for a long time. You may start to remember at some point, but that is not important now, as it is in the past.

So much more is yet to be learned, and time is of the essence. I can tell your hesitation is there. You are not sure what to do next. It's as if you don't trust yourself to be worthy to be part of the process. It is a part of your being that is blocking that which must flow to acheive the goal of returning to the One.

Each person has their own path to follow, none better than another. It is so difficult for many here to convey how important this is to understand. So little has changed and it needs to happen. You are thinking too much. It just needs to be learned, not analyzed.

So much has happened to change the direction that was hoped would return you all to Spirit. We have tried in many ways to reach those who would listen and help to communicate to others. Your desire is real and it has been noticed and celebrated.

This is not a game to be played in levity, although joy is abundant, there is very real seriousness about the situation which exists right now. So many have turned away. Each to their own, not wanting to see how the union of souls is what is needed to become a body of those dedicated to the One. So many factions, so little time.

Do not fear. I know that this is strange for you. Stranger things may happen as well. Remember the Light, it will protect you. Do not believe that anything can stop that which has been commanded. Trust in your feelings as they come to you. Allow yourself to stop dwelling on shoulds and can'ts.You will create what your thoughts have directed.

It is not time yet for us to delve into everything so deeply. We have a few lessons to review first. We can help each other on many levels. Each one is brighter than that which has gone before. It takes more hearts that are open to the truth to assist in the coming transition. It will be unlike that which many others have thought. It will be the first time such an event has had so many things wrapped up in it.

Look around you. You can see the results of those who have chosen a different path. Some stay focused on what lies ahead. I hope to be able to work to heal. Those that do not want it need not apply.

You are tired and need rest. We will begin again soon. In the meantime, try to just listen for a day. I will be with you and others. Please rest now. Great love is with you and your family.

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