Dec 2, 1996

Lo : I feel, once again, that I have not done what I am supposed to do in writing. I want to help as many as I can, before it's too late.

A : I know that your desire is great. You are so sensitive to the feelings and concerns of others. Each one must figure things out for themselves. You can provide information, but they must discern the Truth in their own way.

You have a heightened sense of urgency because of this caring that you feel toward those who don't understand. This is not unusual for those of you on the path. It can be frustrating at times, I know, but there is only one way to reach the point of understanding, and that is to recognize the true power of Love.

The pieces are beginning to come together. You have noticed the syncronicities and there is much benefit from following your hunches. The time is approaching when more will be shown to those who, until now, have refused to listen and have remained in their fear. Each time you write about these things, one more soul will be opened to receive the Love. You have already seen some changes in some. Rejoice in that. The pattern will continue where you can reach many with but a few words.

Each one who searches and does so with a heart of Love, will be rewarded. The time for gentle persuasion is almost over. Each day brings you closer to the Awakening. Although it is disputed, some of the previous changes and events have been eliminated, or reversed. There is hope for a positive solution, and hope brings intention. Intention is a very powerful tool. It is not utilized as well as it could be.

I would like you to sit quietly and study about the Spirit connection. Try to ignore the fear such discussions bring along for the ride.

You are loved. You can see and feel its presence.

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Lo the Seektress