Dec 3, 1996

Lo : Each day, I can feel something coming closer. I am concerned for those who do not connect with this. When I first began studying Lightwork, and the realization of what is to come hit me, I was immediately fearful for those I love who don't have a clue. Also, for those I don't even know, who are so bogged down by this dimension, and its woes. What can I tell them, in a way they can understand, that will help open them to this knowledge?

A : There is nothing new about what needs to be learned. So many have rejected the knowledge of Love because it has been misrepresented.

Many have started out with good intentions, but then went in a different direction. They were swayed more by what they could see, and not by what they could feel was Truth. As those who became distracted, began to distract others, then different beliefs were held to be true and the Truth was buried, and even forgotten, by many.

You can only learn what you are taught. If your teachers forget the lessons, how can they teach you correctly? There will be a time when the lessons will be shown to those who have chosen to search for them on their own. Many have had experiences like yours. They were taught part of the Truth, but then it was framed in deception. The focus became more Earthly, and not so much on the Spiritual.

You can see the power of creation which is in each of you. Even though so many have strayed from the path, look at what has happened on your Earth. The technology and services. The innumerable ways to occupy oneself. The material focus has resulted in material miracles. Imagine what could be, if the focus was redirected!

So much fear has been caused by lack of trust. In oneself, in each other, in systems which have been put in place. It is not a stupid conclusion to be wary, when so many things have proven to be false, and not fruitful or nurturing.

Love, itself, has become warped for many. Their beliefs in what they perceive as Love has damaged their Spirits. Only knowledge of what Love truly is, and the power which is available through it, can restore that which has been lost.

There are no magic words which can release the fear that has become so prevalent. Each person carries with them the power to choose to live in the Light. You must be able to speak the Truth and then let it go. It is not up to you, personally, to convince anyone. No one needs to be convinced of Truth, as Truth is just that.

With the gift of Free Will, which all have received, the choice to believe is available to all. Some will understand easily. Some will have to ponder and struggle. Others will not even try, and will shut it all out. That is their choice. They will not be punished or harmed for making either choice, other than the natural consequences of not living in the Light.

I can sense your frustration for those who ignore the Truth. To you, it is an obvious choice. To others, it is not. To those who ridicule and scoff, you will be kind. You can see beneath their fear. You can hold them in the Light, even though they profess their rejection of it.

At the core of each of you, is that part of the One that cannot be destroyed. Some have just pushed it so far away and covered it up with lies, that they are not aware of it. This does not mean they are loved any less, or that their power of choice ever diminishes. I cannot tell you exactly how such people will be dealt with. Just trust in the ever abiding Love of God/Goddess/All That Is, and know things will go according to the will of Love.

Shine your own Light brightly. Envelope all around you with its brilliance and power. As more and more of you do this, those around you who doubt, or are afraid, will see before them the results of these efforts.

As it has been written, all things are possible for those who love. Continue to hold each other in Love. Spread this to your planet and all the creations on it. It can and will be different. By doing this in great numbers, the results will multiply in a short time.

All will be in awe of what can and will be accomplished. The words "Love One Another" are so strong, and so complete.

It is what you call "the bottom line".

You need to hit bottom, that's all.

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Lo the Seektress