Oct 14, 1996

Lo : OK, even though I am not sure this is a good time, I will try now to be still and ask you to come to me, and tell me what you want me to know.

A : I am here. This is a good time. We can now go on to some things that you can do.

It is a concern that your habits are holding you back. You have used them as a way to avoid harm, but the ultimate affect is not a good one. There are not as many reasons now which would require you to protect yourself in such ways. They are distractions that could be hurtful for you and those around you.

Although you may not feel strong enough to leave them, and go onto a different way, you can become stronger by focusing on the good that will come about by the changes you choose to make.

This applies to everyone on your planet. So often ways are chosen that seem to bring comfort, but in reality, they are just disguises. The things which are causing the problem, still exsist. It can be a trap, which will ultimatly decieve you and cause damage to systems that were not created to be influenced by those factors.

Until it is realized that all that is required has already been given to you, it will be hard to believe that you do not need these things, and that they can be avoided.

Imagine yourself as being inside a circle. The area around you, is what nurtures you. If you bring things into the circle that interfere with the processes that provide your growth, you will not be able to acheive the goals that are desired.

It can be a struggle to learn otherwise, because so much belief has been placed in the wrong place. The beliefs need to change, and when that happens, so much else will fall into place.

The same is what happens to the planet. All that you need has been given to you. To try and change it, or redirect it's properties, will only cause chaos in systems that interact with each other to provide for the life that has been placed there.

So many have tried ways to change what was already perfect. Why does that happen? It is because there has been a loss of trust in these systems because so much of it cannot be seen or analyzed.

If those who have initiated these changes do not reconsider their perspectives, there will be much more damage than that which has already come to pass. Why choose to destroy, when the power to create has been given? It does not make sense, and in the long run, will affect all that is now on the planet.

Many are beginning to realize this. However small their contributions, every step forward can help to reverse the process of decay.

Why would you want to throw away your sources of continuing life? If much more is damaged, then how can life be supported?

Science on your planet has learned many things, but somehow, they have overlooked the importance of just observing something that is already alright, and then they try to make changes that affect things that need to remain in place to function properly. It is alright to learn, there is no harm in that, but to try to do something with the excuse of progress, when no progression is required, is a foolish task.

What are you lacking that this has to be done? There is no reason that is valid to assault the systems that have been created. They are fine in their own rights. Nothing can really be improved upon, because it was perfection to begin with. It is sad to see that this is a matter of choice, and the wrong choices have been, and are still being, made.

Some just want more convenience, without realizing the cost of that convenience. Look at your corner stores. You call them convenience stores because you do not have to go far to obtain things you need. The problem is, you use more of your money to obtain them. That diminishes your resources. It is similar on a larger scale.

Some people have lost the correct attitudes about giving & receiving. Getting, has become a major distraction. It is not a priority in the overall balance of things. It needs to be changed so that things can run more smoothly.

(At this point, I went and checked on my napping 2 yr old) He is a beautiful child is he not? Your love brought him to you. Do not fear for his future. He is in good hands. His love is growing as you teach him and you both, yes all of you, are learning from him.

Do not think that you don't deserve him. If you didn't, he wouldn't be there. He is a gift, as you know. Just like you were a gift to those before you.

This is why it is so important to relearn what you all are supposed to know. That each gift is given freely, deservedly, but they come with resposibilities. Things have to be done so that each gift retains the goodness inherent in it and can itself make it's contribution to the whole. If this is not done, then the whole becomes fragmented and is not the true essence that it was meant to be.

This goes for all things on earth and in the heavens.

Rest with him a moment, feel the love.

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