A Choice

Nov 4, 1996

Lo : Once again, I begin to write before going to sleep.

A : You do have to make a choice, and that will decide by which path this lesson will be learned. We would like to be able to assist in this education of the ones who do not understand the situation. Many have no idea how important their own thoughts are in the way things develop. That they hold the keys to unlocking the doors that will open to the Love and the Christ Consciousness on the Earth.

It is hard to explain this to those who have been so deceived by so many different influences. The truth has been lost among the stories that have been passed down, and elaborated, or not revealed at all.

There is a place for each soul to enter the time when such things will no longer be important, or delay the progress of the inclusion of all in a loving state of being. You are making connections that will further the progress of which we speak. Each time that one more person realizes his/her own responsibility, it will ease the burden on the way this will progress. So little is thought of the power of the individual. It is so odd that on one hand, there is the view that each person is so "special" and unique, yet the mass of this uniqueness overshadows the individuals. A reverse synergy, if you will.

There is a point at which there must be a level of understanding taking place, or the things that need to happen, will not be sufficient to avoid further problems for all. An awakening is taking place but there are still so many that cannot comprehend what is happening and/or what their part is in this awakening process.

You are correct about the illusion of the Atlantis rising. It is not a "land", per say, that is returning. It is more like a state of mind, which is more connected to the concept and practice of the One - God/Godess/All That Is.

There will be time before more serious things occur, and it is possible to guide the forces that are in flux. This is an important thing to understand. One that is not present in a lot of minds today. We want to help this adjustment move along smoothly and there can be much which you can do to assist in this.

Do not worry, you are protected. The Love that surrounds you and the Love which you are giving, is like a beacon in reverse. As you become brighter, the forces that are a negative influence will disappear, like shadows. You understand, we want to help, but we cannot do it for you. It must be your choice, and your actions, to make it happen.

There is more Love, and more forgiveness in the Light than many realize. This is something that can, and should, be shared. We are in joyous celebration of you, and those with you.

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