Nov 14, 1996

Lo : I am trying to find a way to explain the "Photon Belt", because I believe this energy field exists and is part of the coming changes. Can you help me, or if it is not, tell me to redirect my focus?

A : There can be many things which are not "provable" to those who rely solely on known facts. It is a matter of time before the changes become more apparent. A possibility is telling those, who will listen, that terms are not always accurate and are subject to interpretation.

Some of the facts about this energy are known, most are not. There is a connection between the different dimensions. That term as well can be confusing as you have realized. It is wise to try to find common ground but so much of what is, is not known in your lower dimensions. Not all of your physics can be applied to that which exists in another dimension. It is good to try and explain the difference.

We can tell you that all is not known, but will be revealed. The God/Goddess/All That Is is not an imaginary being. There is great Love being extended to all on your planet. The combined negative energies have distanced many from the Truth. The fault lies in not being open to the Love. Not believing that there are forces in effect that may lie outside of the realm of your conscious knowledge.

Some of the things that are known do not apply to this manifestation of energy. The terminology used adds to the confusion. Not all things are measurable with your limited knowledge and tools. This does not make you inadequate, just uninformed.

Many will try to lump it all together under the term Science when this is not something that is entirely scientific. The energies reaching your planet are of Love and do not always have measureable and scientific explanations. There can be a possibility that some will figure out an explanation that fits, but there is much confusion, so this is unlikely.

Those that feel the changes, and can apply their efforts toward the massive healing that is required, will not need scientific explanations for what they are experiencing. Hiding behind the language of science will not hinder that which is about to take place. Only rejection of the concept of God and Love will stop the full benefit to come to Earth.

There are many who refuse to believe in anything. Not just Science or Philosophy. Many fear and do not trust the power of Love itself. This is a hard lesson, because so much is lost in this position.

Try to imagine that those who are in fear, are reaching out in their own way to be convinced. They may not even realize that they are afraid.

Trust is not an attribute that has flourished. It is very fragile, and once it has been damaged, is hard to recover. Look into your own life and see how trust, or the lack of it, kept you seperated for so long. It is indeed sad that so many wrong lessons have been learned. The time has come to re-teach each other. To learn a new way to react and build your world.

Many scoff at the possibilities, but that is to be expected any time change is presented. It pushes a lot of buttons when one is forced to make a choice for change. For many, it can be a very scary thing to do. Many are trapped in that fear. They are mired in their own fears and feelings of rejection. They cannot see the path they have taken. They can have a good outcome, but it must be their choice. It is not productive to attach to their pain, even though it seems that it is being unloyal to detach. To remain in their darkness with them, will not help them. They can only help themselves and must make the choice to do so. This is between them and God/Goddess/All That Is, which you know.
Remember the Love and its power.

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