Let Go

Dec 16, 1996

Lo : I need some help to determine how best to participate and to serve in helping to make the coming transition a success.

A : I can tell your desire is strong and that you feel the urgency of your task. You must realize, that even though you wish these changes to occur rapidly, it must all happen according to a greater plan. Many of you are becoming anxious. You tire of the negative energy which is around you, but feel there is little which you can do to change things.

Just hold your energy and intentions in the Light. As you go on, you will learn more about the process, and your part in supporting it.

It is alright to be afraid when times and situations threaten your security, but the fear is a part of you, and everyone, that draws more of the negative to you. It is hard for you and many others to trust in the way things take place. So much of it is about wanting to be in control of events. That is not always possible. It is hard to comprehend, but everything works together for good.

Just because there is pain and heartache does not lessen the love in the greater plan. Many people's fear about their own power make them desperate. They try to accomplish that which is impossible. They cannot direct everything. Also, they do not see themselves as the source of their power and strength. As they deny that, they make wrong choices.

It is good that you do not give up on those who deal with this. This will teach them that they do have value. Each time one is reminded of that, it will strengthen their belief in themselves. They have gotten far from God/Goddess/All That Is, because they feel unworthy. They think somewhat, like you did when you experienced the confusion between God and Father. It is hard to comprehend the Love that God has for all.

Many are afraid to believe it, because when they believed Love to be true in the past, it was either taken away, or manipulated, for the benefit of someone else. They must forgive themselves, and others, and realize that if they would just trust more, in many areas, and not be so concerned that they have "a handle" on everything, then more peace would be found.

Such problems in the past can be a lesson. One can learn how precious Love is, and what power it has. Both when it is given, and when it is taken away. Bless you.

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