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Alex Jones "vs" Piers Morgan

Good Cop, Bad Cop Charade

January 7, 2013
Lorie Kramer


You can't say I didn't tell it comes. Alex Jones = "good cop", Piers Morgan = "bad cop". On CNN, of course

Now WHY would CNN, of all places, choose Alex Jones to "debate" with Piers Morgan? That's a no brainer for anyone paying any attention to the rise of the Alex Jones Machine. Just last month I predicted this would be coming. Almost to the day on my page Is Truth Louder Than Alex Jones? I stated, "Be the observer. You watch, they'll be moving him "mainstream" with Jesse and Glenn soon. You know what that means. Then will you believe it? It's up to you. "

So here we are, a month and a day later and here comes bull horn Jones on CNN standing up for the 2nd amendment against the "evil" Piers Morgan.

Now don't get me wrong, I have zero respect for Morgan and his tactics...but I have even less respect for Jones.

The video speaks for itself. Judging by the comments, the Paytriots are eating it up. Of course it will drive more traffic to Jones, which is the intention. Make people think Jones is some sort of hero for standing up to Morgan. What a crock! I tried to post a comment, it stayed up there for a whole 5 minutes. Should have taken a screen shot. Whatever.

And now here comes "Act 2". Jones is out there crying that he fears for his life!

Don't fall for it, for crying out loud. Time is running out! I'm just sayin'.........wake up!

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You think they're not watching? Think again.

Lorie Kramer