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Dear Mitt,

I think you have me confused with someone else....

June 14, 2012
Lorie Kramer

It happened again. This time I came home from work and pulled the mail out of the box. Two envelopes...a utility bill and a yellowish envelope addressed to my driver's license's name. No stamp, from a "non-profit" with no return address, just a name in a largish font. Mitt Romney. Holey Moley! What is it with these people?

I am not a Party Pooper. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I think EVERYONE should register Independent just to mess with their heads and numbers, if nothing else! Heck, they mess with OUR heads and numbers enough! Then, if you still feel the compelling need for group think, can't seem to be able to grasp the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and have masochistic tendencies, go ahead and play the red vs. blue game behind THEIR backs. Make them guess. Answer "undecided" in EVERY "poll". I'm smarter than I look.

So here I am with this missive from Mitt. First impluse of course was to trash it. Then I decided to check it out just for the heck of it. I probably have a pinch of masochism in me as well. Ha! I open it up and it's a wad of papers. At least the Post Office got some money out of it. The letterhead just says Mitt Romney and "Wednesday Morning". I'm thinking, wow, this country is in a worse mess than I thought. The dude can't even date a letter. Well, at least someone told him it was Wednesday.

The salutation cracked me up..."Dear Friend." Seriously? Well Mitt, old buddy, old pal, if you were truly my friend, you wouldn't be spamming my mailbox with your weak bullshit. Mitt goes on to inform me that "This is a critically important election year and my friends at the Republican National Committee are working tirelessly to defeat President Barack Obama so we can get our country back on track." I'll bet they are, so you can make a subtle switch back over to the "other" track, right? Tirelessly. They're such busy bees that they are too busy to stop a moment and "defeat" him by revealing the lies and crimes connected to his actual identity. But they can't do that. They would be revealing the true nature of the red vs. blue game. They're not really two different sides. Heck, in the case of the Republicans, they're not even one whole side. Look how they screwed their own, and the country, using Ron Paul. I'm just sayin'.

So, my dear friend Mitt goes on and then tells me that "The RNC needs the support of our nation's most committed Republicans...Republicans like you." WHAT!!?!!? First spam, now I'm a Republican!! The GOP made me a Republican!!! And now Mitt thinks he's my friend!!!!!!!! My father is turning in his grave. And... it gets worse!

The very next line, the fourth sentence of the 2 page, double sided, letter goes for the "Pledge of Support" And, as before, there was a return envelope asking me to help save them money on postage. good friend Mitt needs money to "win." THAT'S a hoot! Does anyone who pays any attention at all to how things work think either Mitt Romney or Barack/Barry/Bari Malik/Hussein Shabazz/Sotero/Obama/X are going to go down in flames due to lack of funds for their "campaign"? Or EVER? You know... sometimes it's good to just let yourself laugh about the absurdity of it all. Coping mechanism, I guess.

The thing goes on for three more pages detailing the failures of Prez X and my buddy Mitt's successes in his career as a financial terrorist. Give me a break.

On the last page, my dear friend Mitt says, " You have a long and proud history of supporting Republican candidates and causes and your unwavering commitment to our shared values is commendable" Since when!!?!?! See? I'm telling you, the GOP MADE me a Republican and MITT is now thinking I have been one for years! There goes my dad again.

So the last page was my official "Pledge Of Support" form "To Restore America's Promise" Hey GOP!!! YOU wouldn't know "America's Promise" if it bit you on your Pinnochio nose!! Just so you know, I'm not going to be helping "our Party prevail this November" by sending you any of that fiat money you "need" so much. AND... I'M NOT A REPUBLICAN!!!

America could still find its "Promise", but it won't be found hanging out with Mitt OR X.. That's for sure.

Dear Mitt, I think you have me confused with someone else. I'm not your friend. I've seen your "friends." With friends like that, well... you know the rest.

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