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Hey, GOP!! - You're Not The Boss Of Me!

2012 Presidential Platform Survey

April 16, 2012
Lorie Kramer

Holey Moley! I almost had a sheeple moment when my mail came one day last week! Whew! Good thing it didn't happen, but it made me do a double take for a second there.

I had this extra large business size envelope delivered to me that at first glance resembled some Publisher's Clearing House junk mail. Turned out it was pretty much of the same ilk. When I looked at it I saw it was from the Republican National Committee. That was the first "huh?" I couldn't figure out why the GOP would be sending me anything. I am not currently registered to vote, and if I were, it wouldn't be as a "member" of either of the teams of party poopers. I haven't decided whether or not to waste my time and energy again by giving them another number to tweak. It's not like votes count anymore, for the most part. We saw that, yet again, in St. Charles, Missouri. Look what it took to get it right. Think of all the other places that are getting it wrong. Besides, I think EVERYONE should register Independent just to mess with their heads and numbers, if nothing else! Heck, they mess with OUR heads and numbers enough! I'm smarter than I look.

So then I see it's the 2012 Presidential Platform Survey. "Hmmmm", I say to myself. How in the heck did I get on their list of people they think would support their side of the great scam? I'm so out of the box I can't even qualify for surveys for bitcoins!

Then I remembered that I had contacted my local assets of the GOP regarding the eligibility of Barry/Barack/Bari/Shabazz/Obama/Sotelo/X. I emailed every member of the local R's on their contact list - from the Chairman and Executive Director, to the Membership Services Coordinator. It was about the time the Georgia case was about to end, before the final decision. 6 people were contacted, 6 leaders of the GOP in my state. They each received a very polite and concise email addressing my concerns. Out of the 6, only one replied, a "National Committeewoman." Her reply was in kind, which I appreciated. We actually exchanged a few more emails, and she even said she would bring the issue up at the next Committee meeting that week. That surprised me, and I appreciated it. Didn't think she had a shot in hell of going any further, but it was something. I received no further emails from her, and never got responses from the others. But, it caused me to pause and actually think about responding for a minute. Silly me.

So, here comes this envelope, and I figure I got put on their list when I made the contact; even though I clearly stated I was NOT a Republican, or any other kind of party pooper. The first thing I read is:

So, I'm thinking....ok, I can see why you'd want to account for your respondents, but I never asked to be on your "list" so why should I have to "account for" myself to someone, or something, that has no authority over me? Then I decide to check out the survey before deciding whether or not to "sign and return this Document" (why is the "d" capitalized?) and help them out with their "tabulation" by checking off their "registration number".

The first block is common demographic stuff. No race stuff. Section I is Presidential Performance and Issues. 3 questions. First two...pfft, gimmes for party strokes. The third was about "issues" for the 2012 campaign. Eligibility wasn't there, nothing war related was there, rendition wasn't there, NDAA?, nothing. And certainly nothing Fukushima and the ever spreading radiation related was there. "Reigning in government employers' unions" was there but, reigning in the Fed, wasn't. There was no place to add any other concerns. Figures.

Then there were 6 questions in Section II: Economic Issues. Four were Obama bashing related, One was a gimme about "are you concerned about inflation"....DUH!!!! And then one about level of support for a balanced budget amendment. Here again, nothing about reigning in the Fed...nothing about the debt crisis. No space to add other concerns. Figures.

I skimmed over the rest and just got more and more disgusted, and of course, a solicitation for funds at the end. Speaking of funds, they even hit me up for a stamp:

I couldn't take anymore. If you want to check it out for yourself the link is here. Funny how there's no registration number or hint of DO NOT DESTROY on the website. Sheesh!

The whole air of the thing just irked me. It reminded me of the Census! (Shudder) Here they were in my mailbox, trying to pass themselves off as something important and meaningful. Someone to whom I must be "accountable." Telling me all in red and caps not to destroy their precious survey. Fooey! Like they REALLY care about any of it and who We The People really want to represent US. Look at the way they are treating one of their own who draws thousands to hear him speak, the largest number of veterans behind him, and has more support for this nation and what it is founded upon than most of those at the other end of this survey. Hey GOP, try supporting the best of your own party instead of the worst of three evils, for a change. Double Sheesh!!

So, I decided I'm not going to respond, I am not going to sign and return their First Class envelope, thus saving them postage. When my registration number comes up blank, they'll just have to deal with it. Survey THAT.

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