Truths, Half-Truths, Lies and Cowards

Lorie Kramer
March 27, 2009

As promised; here is the next idea offered in reply to the responses generated from my letter to my Dear, dear America.

Well, here we meet again, dear, dear Americans; and others who seem to have joined in the discussion. We're all in this together.

First, let's update.

Overall, I think we're doing pretty good considering we can't see and hear each other. Over 26,000 seem to have read the letter, not bad for only having sent the link to ONE person. I am getting a fair amount of email, about 95% positive. There has been very little name calling, and I must confess, I did call someone a name, nobody's perfect. It did take me quite a few email exchanges to get to that point, but at some point, enough is enough! Only two emails from Major Assholes, which is a very good sign, one of them was the one that got my goat. I won't be reading anything more from him. I only saw one place where it was posted that I was a kook. That's not a bad average for me. :-) I've met some REALLY nice and very interesting people. I'm hearing a lot of the same concern for what is happening to the people of our nation, as well as all the people of the world to whom we are connected. I am hearing anger, as we all have; but it is not directed inappropriately, and when it was, it has been recognized, and apologized for after mutual communication took place. Wouldn't it be nice if it worked so easily out in the real world? Or, is this the real world, too? I'll share some of the comments later, like before.

I'm relieved because not too many people have been jumping off target and complaining that the first idea sucked, and that I was lame to even suggest it, therefore all is lost. To them I say, hey, I had to come up with a good one, fast. I think I did. There will be no handy, dandy, one-size-fits-all, except AIG, idea that ANY of us can come up with in 48 hours that will fix this mess. I don't care how much it's super-sized. Not even another stimulus bill.

I know there have been plants obtained and seeds planted, because many of you wrote and told me you did it. Even though I can't see you, I trust you were telling me the truth. I also know that there is, for sure, a certain tangerine tree and lemon tree that are very happy because one reader bought them, got them out of their pots, and planted them into dirt. I wonder how many who said the idea was lame didn't do it? Probably all of them. Oh well, their choices, their loss. We'll be eating our goodies, and they won't. It's all just a start, and that's good enough for the rest of us for now, so there! This isn't over yet!

So... let's get on to the next idea, shall we?

The Internet is an amazing thing. No wonder they want to control it, or even shut it down. One can communicate almost instantly with someone on the other side of the planet, or right down the street. It can get pretty busy. Information can be found that one would have a very hard time obtaining otherwise. Friends can be made, enemies as well. Ideas can be shared, questions asked, answers sometimes found, sometimes not.

The Internet is a BIG place, as you can see by this map.

Posting on the Internet is a very interesting topic unto itself. Put something up there, and it could be read by anyone, anywhere, any time. I'm getting questions about pages on my site I haven't looked at myself in over 10 years. Makes me realize that I need to update and organize my own site a bit.

Web pages and posts could be written by anyone. It's real easy to make up a false self on the Internet. It's easy to make up a lot of false selves. In fact, I remember "back in the day" of early research regarding illegal aerosol operations such weirdness went on. There was actually a group of people who posted all under the same name in different places, on different forums, to debunk the issue and attack the investigators. Those kinds of instances highlight the disadvantage of not being able to see each other as we communicate over the net. It can become a trust issue. (Yes, I know about webcams and Skype, but most people don't use them and do things the old fashioned way...they read.)

So what does all that have to do with the next idea and Truth, Half-Truths, Lies and Cowards? It's coming, please be patient. We're all learning here. We can't sound-byte this stuff.

I am finding out that my using my real name, beinging honest about who I am and what I feel and believe, is something some people on the net don't do a whole lot. It's easy to hide behind a nickname. I know people who do it in real life. It's a nice, shallow, sort of safe way to live, I suppose, until it blows up, which it always does eventually. The mask of the nickname doesn't require much of anything, being fake is all that is required. Being fake is generally pretty easy. If we look honestly at ourselves, we'll find we all do the mask thing to one degree or the other. It's our job to figure it out and fix it in ourselves. That's easier said, than done.

If one chooses the mask life style, then they can't focus on reality, they have to try and manipulate it. The main job is to keep perfecting the mask so as not to reveal, or deal, with the real person underneath; and the consequences of their true beliefs and actions. Meanwhile, the Half-Truth life that is lived, as it were, creates havoc for those who try to be in honest relationship with such a person because the person they think they are in relationship with, doesn't exist. Eventually the situation comes to a head. If what is under the mask becomes revealed, when the truth is out, that's when all the pain starts. That's when people start getting hurt.

The pain starts because the mask must be protected at all costs, even if it means the destruction of relationships that would, in a healthy mind, be of great value. It's an easy way out of real life for the masked one, but it's not the truth. They often will just bolt to avoid the reality of their situation. Out of sight, out of mind, oh, SO out of mind. It is a very self-destructive way to live, and it hurts other people a heck of a lot, too. There is no respect there; not for the self or for others. It is betrayal as well for both. It is the act of a coward, and/or someone who is not quite right in the head, so to speak.

Anyway, I y'am who I y'am. I have been told that my presenting myself in this manner is dangerous to myself and my family. I disagree. I'm not saying we don't need to be careful. However, I do not have a problem with the truth. (May I add here, for the record, suicide would never be a choice for me, no matter how bad things get around here. I am not on any SSRIs; been there, survived that, it's so 90's. I have a family and friends to love and support. I am there for the people I love. Even for people that don't love me back. I'm tenacious, ask anyone who knows me well. Tenacious people with working hearts don't off themselves.)

I think honesty is the best policy, on the net, or off the net. I find in both places lying serves no one well. Not the liar, and especially not the one being lied to. It's a lose/lose proposition for everyone in the long run. Why go there unless one is a coward or a sociopath? They say the "truth hurts" and it sure has it's moments, but real pain comes from lies. Lies come from COWARDS. Sociopaths are just sick in the head (and heart). That's what makes it so hard, there's so many cowards and sociopaths and disordered people running around. Their hearts are not in working order either; which is generally why they are cowards, and sociopaths, and disordered people in the first place. It gets harder. They aren't always easy to spot. I have said for years that when the SHTF discernment is going to be our most important survival tool.

It's especially hard dealing with narcissists and other sociopaths. They can be very charming, as a verb, not an adjective. Since their main goal is to get what they want from someone, they at first say and do all the "right" things. They crank up the Mask, put on the show, and it works, for a while. The old saying about if it seems too good to be true, it probably is...that is what happens in the beginning. It is often the first red flag indicating something is just not right about the whole thing.

To thine own self be true, and it must follow,
as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

William Shakespeare

So, let's talk about half truths. Half truths are things that can be very incidious. Just enough truth in there to believe the rest, which is a lie. That is exactly how the disinfo/misinfo world of so called main stream media works. Then there's the lie of omission. Lies of commission (telling a lie) and lies of omission (withholding the truth) are both still lies. Sometimes the lies of omission can do more damage than an outright lie. With outright lies, you at least have the lie to examine and determine the truth, or lack thereof. With lies of omission, you aren't given enough information to make a valid conclusion about the truth of the matter. When caught in a lie of omission told to me by someone who I cared a great deal about for a long time, it was brushed off. I was told, "I didn't lie....I just didn't tell you." Sorry, but that not telling part is the lie. The painful consequences of the witheld truth remained the same. It didn't hurt any less once the truth was out, it actually added to the pain. It is a matter of respect. Respect for oneself, as well as the person/people being lied to. (See the Shakespeare quote above.) I have always said that I would rather have a bad truth, than a good lie. We need the truth to determine reality. Lies and liars distort reality, which leaves those being lied to unable to make valid conclusions. Again, it's all about respect; for ourselves, others and the truth.

WE are surrounded by liars all the time. TV lies, politicians lie, reporters lie...lies, lies, lies all over the place. Who do you believe? We all have trusted people who are not trustworthy. People who are honest have an especially hard time because they think others are just like them, so they often trust people they shouldn't. That is why we are having a hard time in this country. It's because we don't want to believe that the people we trust would lie to us, and they have...over, and over, and over. We have lost trust in so many areas, and it hurts. A lot, unless we use the old denial route. We feel disrespected and betrayed. Trust is hard to rebuild once it is broken. Sometimes it can never be repaired. So here's the next idea.

Idea #2

Tell the Truth
Come Clean

Surprised? Think it's a bit too much? Not feasible? Pie-in-the sky, kind of way too far out of the box, not do-able? Maybe so. But, as an idea that could actually be put into practice, I think it has potential. There's only one problem. It takes personal responsibility and courage to pull it off. I guess that's two problems. "OH! OH!" That's the kicker.

What we run into here is what we run into everywhere else. We can only control ourselves. We can choose not to lie, and then come clean if we do. We are none of us perfect. We also have to learn that we can't make OTHER people stop lying no matter how much WE tell the truth. You knew there would be a hitch, didn't you? Well, that's it. Other people have to have enough self respect to stop their own lying. We can't do it for them. If "we" and "they" have the dynamic duo of personal responsibility AND courage workin' for us, Whoo Hoo! Now we're talking!

So. This idea becomes about having the self respect, personal responsibility, and COURAGE to tell the truth about things and come clean. I don't need to point out where that needs to be done. Some cases are right out in the open, others hide in the background - hoping that no one notices the messes made by the lies told, the information witheld, the people know the drill.

Whatever energy or being you think is the Top Dog of the Universe, that source gave you, and everyone else - free will. It is our greatest gift and our biggest burden. That goes for everyone else stuck here with us, no matter what color, age, gender, or whatever other divisive label one feels the need to attach. This means we each have to suck it up for it to work. Tell the truth, and come clean about things. You know where you need to do that for yourself, just like I know for myself.

Here's the idea...just do it. Tell the truth, come clean where needed. See through the masks. Lets not be cowards, if we can help it. Let's give ourselves a real world.

Who knows what would happen next? Whatever happened next would come from a more truthful place in the heart. So, it would be more real - it could then become something, or someone, in which to trust.

Comments from Readers

"Great idea! We've been doing that for over 20 years. Love your attitude."

"That's the right idea! Have you read Anastasia? The government doesn't know what to do about people who plant seeds!"

"The American public must turn off its televisions to stop the brainwashing, and listen to those who have a lot to say about things they don't know. Doing so takes courage because one must admit that they have been wrong about many things to date. I continually wonder how many Americans will become humble to the point of admitting that they have been manipulated to the point of complacency. I have so many friends in the US, who could care less about the patriot act, etc. so I always ask myself how much longer can this go on before some kind of resistance manifested through action will occur. So, I try to do my part, and you try to do yours with the common goal of saving the country. Let's cross our fingers and continue to be activists in our own way. I think that's about all we can do. And, as you say, our consciences will be clear. Well said!!

Fight the takeover of the Internet, too. Hard times are ahead before we will ever see good times again."

"When I was a kid (51 now) I wondered why there was so much hypocrisy and how come adults lied to me or avoided really answering questions. As I became aware of the amazing level of deceit in all institutions and businesses I was angered by the way we all just accepted the lies.

At one point in my truth seeking I came to the ultimate realization, that is, real-eyes-ation, that all matter is energy and all of it is spinning around an invisible center. I knew, for a brief moment, myself, as the god center in the middle of infinity. The 1 has spun itself into all this stuff with nothing but imagined distance in between.

The bible uses the metaphor of God creating light and the first child of that creation was Lucifer, the name derived from Luz, or light. The story goes on to describe him as the deceiver who chose to rebel and misguide all who he could fool into believing him.

So, just as I write this, a moment ago, my six year old daughter asked, at 2:45 AM out of the middle of her fever, “Does your nose grow when you lie?” Well maybe in Pinocchio but in my big story the whole universe grows out of a lie. (How did she tune into what I was writing about?)"

"Yes, the Founding Fathers "gave up a lot"; they knew the price was high but worth it and some of them are to be commended highly for what they did. All that does not change the nature of what was created no matter how it may "contradict" what we are taught in school (Hmmm, I wonder why that is?????). I do happen to know what we can do now. What we can do now is inform "our representatives" in the state legislatures as to a 28th Amendment already composed and available for them to adopt and push for ratification in a majority of states (according to the provisions in the Constitution). "

That's it for now...but stay tuned. Idea #3 will be right around the corner, truly.

Remember, this isn't over yet!

And just for kicks, a little more Vern -

"Truth must be received as it is, in its original purity,
and not interpreted or distorted according to habitual assumptions."

Vernon Howard, The Power of Esoterics, p. 46

UPDATE - The Media is the Matrix

Lorie Kramer
Houston, TX