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Fukushima and Thunderdome

April 21, 2011

Lorie Kramer
Houston, TX


The horrible events caused by the earthquakeS, tsunami and multiple nuclear disasterS that rocked Japan in recent weeks have resulted in the need to think of things one might not choose to ponder. In addition, they are witholding and skewing information critical to our well being. And, of course, they aren't listening anymore than they did in the 60's and 70's and 80's when we bitched about it. Like when Chernobyl and Three Mile Island happened.

Such things are not those most people I see around me spend any time considering. After all, there's always Dancing With The Stars, or Glenn Beck exposing George Soros. Or, they have to go get their beer and/or tickets, or get to the mall (but not so much of that anymore).

Oh well. Life is like that. It might be wiser to pay better attention this time, however.

Old crones, like myself, get sentimental about little things like human life and the ability to survive on one's planet, and maybe even eat and have some clean water once in a while; you know... the usual stuff. Go figure.

Like myself, I am sure many other people older than the 20 - 30 somethings have more than once been reminded of the Mad Max movies and Thunderdome during recent events and the threat of radiation spreading over the globe. Why wouldn't one think of Mel Gibson and Tina Turner and the antics of Master Blaster in Bartertown at a time like this? Especially Thunderdome. The image is familiar, somehow.

"Two men enter, one man leaves! Two men enter, one man leaves! Two men enter......."

You finished it, didn't you? Fess up. Uh huh. See how easy you are?

The thing is, when I mentioned it to the mostly 20 somethings I am around, they were, well... clueless.
(The radioactive water peddler scene is what I was going for)

Oh well, again. But, who can blame them? Where could they fit watching that in their busy schedules? They have tongues to get pierced and pants to sag, for crying out loud.

What do I expect?

Anyway, for those unfamiliar, or as a reminder, and a chance to hear Tina Turner belt out a classic I give you.....

Oh! Go ahead and put yourselves in their shoes as you watch...because you are just like they were last February. Where are you now, and where, or how, will you be next April? My heart is with you, Japan...and with all of can it be otherwise? Does one ever really know the way home?

I think if we did, we wouldn't be in this mess. Nuff said. Tell it, Tina.

Fukushima and Thunderdome

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Video clip from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) part 1

Important archived information regarding this tragedy
can be found at, of course. Thank you Jeff on behalf of many.
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Lorie Kramer - Houston, TX

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