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You are being sprayed!!! NOW!!!

For over a year our skies have been regularly covered by those mysterious "chemtrails".
People are getting sick all the time.
It goes on so frequently and now it's accelerated to daily!


This has been happening all over the country.
NO news media reports on it. No one "KNOWS" what it's all about.
All I know is that SOMETHNG is being done to us without our permission, threatening our health.


After another round of faxing Ken Welch's second article to the TV stations, etc,
I have received no calls back and nothing is being reported.

Due to the incredible accumulation of interested Houston citizens
in the Yahoo Chem Trails Club, a new Yahoo Club has been formed
just for Houston Trailwatchers.
(Gee, do you think we can get our own "trail" ride float in the Rodeo parade?)
Please join us in our grass roots effort
to find out what the hell they are dumping on Houston, why, and who's doing it.
We need your help!!

Houston Sky Watch Yahoo Chat Club

UPDATE 1-16-00

Today was the worst I've seen yet.
between 4 and 5 pm we got hammered.
I saw 3 planes, actively spraying overhead all at the same time.
One minute later, a 4th came over.
And all through this, regular air traffic was flying.
You can't tell me those Southwest Airlines guys don't see this stuff!!

Click here for pics.

UPDATE 1-15-2000

Heavy spraying for the last 3 hours this morning. (10:30 am)
Call the TV stations NOW! Fax them, ASK THEM IF THEY HAVE KIDS!!!

UPDATE 12/30 12:30 p.m.

FOX News - Channel 26 has just reported that
12 area hospitals have reported that they do not have anymore available intensive care beds.
They are going to keep receiving people although resources are strained!!

Yesterday the headline story all day on all channels was the "earlier than normal" epidemic of "flu".
I want to know what strain?????


We're getting sprayed RIGHT NOW! LOOK UP!


This is not a joke. This is something serious that demands our attention!!
If it's nothing to worry about then why isn't anybody getting answers as to what it IS?

To assist you, please call any or all numbers below.
Ask WHAT they are, and WHO's doing it?

Scroll down past the phone numbers for tips on what to do and say.

Hey Houston TV and Radio Stations...

In October, we started talking about the chemtrails locally.
Chuck Shramek and others started asking the questions.
Guess what??? THEY STOPPED. We had an almost clean October.


Time to step up ya'll.
Let's bombard them all until they come up with some answers!

Houston Environmental Protection Agency

Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

City of Houston Air Quality Control (24 hrs)
Fax - 713-640-4343

Houston Chronicle - City Desk - 713-220-7491

Mayor's Office
Ask for Mayor's Citizen Assistance
Fax - 713-247-2355

Local Media

Channel 2 - KPRC
News - 713-222-6397
Fax - 713-771-4930

Channel 13 KTRK
News 713-666-0713
Fax 713-664-0013

Channel 11 - KHOU
News - 713-521-4384
Fax - 713-521-4326

Channel 20 - KTXH - 713-661-2020

Channel 48 - KTMD
News - 713-783-4848
Fax - 713-974-5875

Channel 45 KXLN
Fax - 668-9057

Channel 26 KRIV
News - 713-225-5369
Fax - 713-479-2859

Radio stations

KTRH - News - 713-526-5874

KPRC - 713-777-5772


In making calls I am finding out the people on the other end of the phone
generally don't have a clue as to what you are talking about.
Ask them to look outside for one thing.
Ask them if they have Internet access then tell them to type in "chemtrails" in any search engine.
Ask them if they have kids or a family.
Fax them Ken Welch's article at the Sightings Web Site at
(Thanks again KEN!!!)
or others relevant to the issue locally.
The Welch article fax is 5 pages.
They get enough faxes of that size and it's a hard pile of paper to ignore
In the fax, ask them to read it and then call back and see if they did.
I told Channel 11 that I was looking for a television news department
that had enough balls to handle the story.
Challenge them, kindly.
Emphasize the curent emergency room overcrowding with "flu-like symptoms".
Say a prayer asking for assistance.
Give yourself a big hug from me.

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