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Republicans Hate Their Own

One More Reason To Become A Party Pooper

September 1, 2012
Lorie Kramer

If Republicans think their party works for them, they need to think again. It's actually more like the RNC works for the infamous "them". Not that thinking is a popular use of time these days. In reality, thinking might be something worth looking into for everyone. However, I'm not holding my breath on this one, thinking is a lost art in this country.

The RNC has proven, by their charade in Tampa, that party politics is not about the wishes of their members, it's about driving the agenda of those who wish to be in control. It was obvious throughout the primaries, and ultimately at the convention itself, as the people supporting legitimate Republican candidate Ron Paul found out. Heck, Ron Paul's own son, and the enriched campaign manager Jesse Benton, turned into traitors. And the members of the party just sat back and let it happen.

It is easy to see as an observer; someone not buying into the theater of the red vs. blue scam to which so many "voters" seem blindly addicted. The marginalization of the Paul campaign and the manipulation of the state primaries should have caused EVERY member of that party to respond with a big WTF? In addition, after the Maine Frame which took place by the rule change on the floor, and the resulting "acceptance" of said rule change, if I were a Republican, especially if I were a duly elected delegate (for any candidate) I'd be mad as hell.

It has been sickening to see them behave as they did. I do not understand why it has not been sickening for Republicans. I guess this nation is dumbed down past the point of being able to see how the actions of the RNC have effectively marginalized their own members. Why would anyone want to be part of an organization that hates its own? Stockholm syndrome? Your guess is as good as mine.

Two things stood out for me in recent reports that glaringly demonstrate my point. First, the teleprompter record proves that there was not to be any real, honest, true vote on the surprise change in the rules that took place on the floor of the convention.

Then, I watched the unseated Maine delegates responding to their marginalization after walking out. Several of them were interviewed and while one of them was speaking, some fluffy Romney supporter in the background started shouting over him, as if they were an opposing team that needed to be put down.

Does this person not understand that the exact same thing could have been done to his candidate? Does he not get that this is supposed to be a convention where the delegate process is there to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at representing the voters who sent them there as delegates? Delegates who worked and sacrificed over the campaign were not even allowed the small satisfaction of hearing the count of Paul's "votes" stated in the roll call. Maybe that should be renamed the roll over call. The overall display of disrespect and ignorance was nauseating, but then, I suppose I should be getting used to such behavior by now. I watch daily as citizens of these formerly United States bend over and take it without complaint.

This just goes to show that the so-called two party system, which is in reality just two sides of the same corrupt coin, is a farce. There hasn't been real representation of any of us for decades. Votes don't count, respect is gone, truth doesn't matter, the Constitution is just an outdated piece of paper. Everything is scripted and decided ahead of time and the wishes of the people are NOT in the equation. Even afterwards, Ron Paul and his wife were hassled by the TSA, and one supporter had bullets planted in her luggage resulting in being detained on her return trip.

So, for me, all this would be just more reason to become a Party Pooper. I guess the members of the Republican party are just too far gone to see what is happening. Same goes for the Democrats. Which is why I can see no point in supporting anything related to such shenanigans. I have more self respect, and respect for my fellow citizens and what this country is supposed to be about, than that. Shame on all of them. They will get what they deserve, and when they finally realize it, it will be far too late... from my perspective, it already is too late.

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Lorie Kramer

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