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The REAL Hidden Jeff Rense

Sorry, no libel or slander here.

February 16, 2012
Lorie Kramer

Sometimes the Internet is a sickening place. Like we don't have enough to be sick about these days without generating turds for the pile "ourselves". Turds, rhymes with words, and I saw more words that looked like turds, than words that looked like truth, while reading the article "The Hidden Jeff Rense" and the disgusting "Jeff Rense's Abuse of Power & Trust " posted recently by Henry Makow, on his site. Oh well, if "living" on the net all these years has taught me nothing else, I have well learned... bull shit abounds.

I have known Jeff personally for over thirteen years. I consider myself an independent journalist and know of the quality standards Jeff Rense sets for himself, the content of his site, and the information and guests broadcast on his radio network. I am one of the so-called handfull of contacts that suggest news stories and who writes my own reports and commentaries. Not everything I send in gets posted, and that's how it should be. I'm not the Editor-In-Chief. I have NEVER worked FOR Jeff, I have always worked WITH him. And James Neff, who I love, dearly. I have to respond to this distorted crap. Too many turds for me to take.

I tried to email Makow, but it bounced, so what the heck, this works for me. It's my site, I can CHOOSE what goes on it and what doesn't. A concept some people don't seem to grasp. Non-interest does not equate censorship.

So Henry, and all, let's start with:

Turd # 1 66?? Seriously, you are saying he's 66 years old? I would love to see you source that because I am 58 and I am a few years older than Jeff. I have seen his birth record, he's not 66. He's not even 60. I checked that out over 11 years ago when we found out that he has a family name that is in my family by marriage. Just because one has gray hair doesn't make one over 60....66!?!?!?!? Wow. Way to pile on the decades. Henry, that's one big fat stinkin' turd, right there. In fact, Jeff's birthday was last month and I am embarrassed to say I missed acknowledging it this year. I always try to remember because I'm glad he was born, and want to remind him of that. Back in the day, when we still had time to have a little fun, I would transcribe an old 50's movie or music magazine article and gift it to him for the Mario Lanza site. We don't get to have much of that kind of fun anymore, not for a few years now. I miss it. So, I remembered that morning, but then lost track later that evening when I was home. Sorry Jeff, happy late birthday, ha!

Turd #2 Jeff's home and landscaping and excavating and luxurious grand lifestyle. If you have read Jeff's reply to this turd fest, you learned of his situation with the house and the foundation, etc. I am here to corroborate because, I was there, and I have pictures. I have been to Jeff's home, and enjoyed his hospitality, and the peacefullness of his souroundings. Why wouldn't he want to create a nice place for his family, and it's future? For all he has been through, and as hard as he has worked FOR ALL OF US, I think he deserves that, and more.

I stayed in the first house. His daughter was in her room, there was no guest room. He offered me his room and he literally slept on the floor, approximately 20 feet from his desk. It was obvious he did that often. Some "estate." In his defense, he cooks a mean vegan pizza. It was indeed very nice, but it wasn't huge and it certainly wasn't luxurious.

I was heartbroken that he had to deal with having to tear it down and absorb all that expense, after the foundation issue. Then he had the expense of having to make the garage OK for him and his daughter. (They wound up living in there for about seven years.) He was in the process of moving into the garage on the property preparing for the demolition when I was there. This wasn't the color he wound up using on the garage, just to get the details COMPLETELY factual. Don't mind me, it's a journalism thing. Some people just wouldn't understand.

Downsizing hardly covers what happened to Jeff when he had to tear down his house. I remember waving while driving off knowing that the next time I would be there, the house would be gone. It made me very sad for the two of them. "Estate" doesn't come to mind when I look at Jeff's place. Home, does.

I don't know how much he has spent on his place, but I saw him plant trees, and I saw the small streams and waterfalls he built. HE built, not hired some landscapers to come in and handle...HE held the tools, HE did the digging. I have pictures to prove it. I was there.

I wish he'd let up on it and give his body a break, but that's just me. Why is it not OK for a man who has worked as hard as he has for as many years as he has to make his place the way he wants it to be for himself and his family? I have seen how hard he has worked over the years to make his property his home. It's taken years of hard work to get it where it is today, despite the obstacles, why should that be something to ridicule?

Turd #3 It's Jeff's site and he can post if he wants to...or not. Nuff said.

Turd #4.. Feuds. .. Everyone is entitled to evaluate everyone else to determine whether or not they decide to have interaction, or not, in whatever form, with said everyone else. Humans disagree. Character is demonstrated in times of disagreement. When such events occur, one is given the opportunity to demonstrate their moral sense, their sense of right and wrong, nay, their know, their Scruples.

Jeff and I had a falling out that lasted about 8 - 10 months many years ago. He did what he usually does in those types of situations. He notified me of his position and then ceased all communication, and stopped posting my articles. Guess what, in time, we got over it. I don't even recall what it was about to begin with, anymore. And guess what else? Neither of us ranted publicly about the other over it. Sure, I was pissed he wouldn't post my stuff at that time, but what can I say? See Turd #3. I am sorry that there was a difference in opinion over quality standards, but, JEFF is the editor of HIS site and HE has the final call of what goes on there and gets featured. The "banned" thing comes up in all Internet forums that seem to be controversial. I delt with that a lot over the years. It never makes sense to me. Oh well.

Turd #5

The money. I'm not even going there, see Jeff's response. I will say I donate what little I can, when I can, which is not near as often as I'd like to... and I am proud to do it. The return on investment is phenomenal.
My guess would be a very large percentage reading these words have never given a penny to support and have benefited from the information presented there for years.

Jeff's got more to say. I probably will too, the Larry thing has pissed me off. That was a horrible twenty four hours for Jeff and Larry. It wasn't fun for me, either. But, I'll cool off and wait.

UPDATE 2/19/12

For the record, I am NOT Jeff's "Hebrew Girlfriend" I am not his "girlfriend", nor am I Hebrew. Should I post my first communion pictures here now too? News flash - in the US women often take the surnames of the men they marry. That's where the Kramer came from, and he isn't Hebrew, either. Sheesh! And also for the record, Jeff was testing out a color on the garage, which was also indicated in the article. You mock how a guy tests a color? You have to see how it does in the cracks and seams. It only takes a few strokes, but then again, I would guess you already know all about that. Seems like you're doing a bit of limp wristed key stroking yourself. How manly of you, whoever you are.

Another bunch of fabrications, we must be hitting a nerve. The turds just keep on coming. And of course, there is no name or real person to contact "running" this blog. That figures, cowards never show their faces. At least spell my name right if you're going to go after me.

My comment in reply has not been posted waiting "approval" Just noticed it wasn't approved, "they" posted the second one advising them of the page update but not the comment. censorship on my own site. This was my reply, not approved by the invisible blogger.

I am Lorie Kramer, and I approve this message:

"Hebrew girlfriend?" Seriously? Would you like to see my first communion pictures? Sorry, no relation, there are a lot of Kramerís out there. And, just as a tip the name came with a husband, itís the way it works sometimes when people get married. My goodness people can make crap up while sitting at a keyboard. At least spell my name right. I noticed you have not bothered to contact me personally to ask any questions or request further verification of what I posted on my page. Didnít see my handy dandy email address at the bottom? You feel there should be more pictures of the house? Sorry, when I took those pictures during my visit to my friends, I didnít know that 10 years later they would be deemed insufficient by some coward behind a keyboard when shared to prove a point. It is obvious that you are speaking out of your ass for most of the above, but then everyone is entitled to show their ass now and then. There is so much inaccurate spewing in the above paragraphs, I can see why you would end with this statement ďThey doní t call this the world wide web of deceit for no reason.Ē Seems like you know a lot about THAT topic."

Again, for the record, I have been married, and divorced twice. First to a good guy for 20 years, second one to a creep for too long. Neither of them were Jeff.

You feel there should be more pictures of the house? Sorry, when I took those pictures during my visit to my friends, I didnít know that 10 years later they would be deemed insufficient by some coward behind a keyboard when shared to prove a point to defend a friend against libel and slander. I had no desire to have a bunch of pictures of the house, it's a house. A house that was going to be torn down and making my friend's lives miserable. Yeah, I want a lot of pictures of something like that. I am under no obligation to share personal pictures of trips to see friends to anyone, certainly not you.

I decided to go ahead and share some pics of my "Hebrew" background.

Here you go.

First Communion.
I have one around here somewhere with the veil and the whole schmear, but I can't locate it.

My Roman Catholic elementary school (also went to a RC HS)

I was there for my father's funeral in December 2011. Now a "Charter" School, but the church is still open. However, the convent across the street that used to house the Ursulan nuns has been torn down.
I will be forever grateful for the quality of education I received there,
and the sacrifices my parents made to give it to me and my siblings.

A mass held in my home by one of the few priests I related to before I left the church in my late teens.
Oddly, but maybe not so much, none of those priests are priests anymore,
including the good man in the picture.

So there ya go? See what a little journalistic inquiry could have produced? The TRUTH.

AND... since going to the source seems to be passe' to these invisible "reporters" I went ahead and got Jeff's response as well...what the heck?

Jeff wrote - "Sorry to bring ugly FACTS to ruin your field day of fraud...if you'd like to post a correction, please feel free to use the following - Jeff has been financially self-supporting since he was 11 years old. He worked in restaurants beginning at that age...his grandfather was a well-known Chef. He is not now nor has he ever been a 'trust fund baby' (although I'm sure he would have found that a much easier path than the one life gave him to follow); he put himself through the UC and achieved a 4.0 in Grad School; he is not now nor has he ever been Jewish, nor has he ever worked for the US Government.

His father, also neither Jewish, nor an intelligence agent, was a well-respected sports writer in Los Angeles, then PR Director of the McDonnell-Douglas Missiles and Space Division for about 15 years, and eventually went back to Sports as the editor of Football Today magazine with the late NFL great, Tom Harmon in Las Vegas. Following that, his father worked in Public Relations for the Howard Hughes Summa Corporation."

Oh, and since when does one have to be Jewish and rich to marry and divorce three times? As for Jeff's painting style, that's an edge brush and he is clearly working a small seam in the wood siding., as described earlier.

There, amazing the difference between the proported "facts" of the two of us, compared to the truth.
Yep, amazing.

Jeff at work.

One of the things he built.. I think it turned out GORGEOUS!

So there you go MORE FACTS! Amazing, eh?

WHERE do these "people" come from?

I will add that I have covered the Jones & Co. story about the true banning and true censoring , years ago.
I still stand by every word on that domain. No further comment necessary from me, either.

I've said all I am going to say on the subject. Enough TRUTH is out there by now for people to make up their own minds. That's all Jeff, and James, and me, and other dedicated, hard working, caring individuals ever do anyway. Present the best quality, verifiable, honest news and opinion we can find. I do it every day, and have for 20 years and I have never had an ad or a donate button on my site. No one pays me for the time I put in. It is that way for most of the people who contributes to the best website on the net for a free flow of information.

That's because of Jeff Rense. Onward through the fog.

Cliff Mickelson

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Lorie Kramer

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