A Rainbow Under A Cloud?

Houston Texas, Meyerland Area
Sat. 1/15/00, approx 3:30 pm

I've seen a lot of rainbows in my many years. I've seen lots of clouds too, real and fake.
I have never seen a rainbow UNDER a cloud.

These pictures were taken with a digital camera in the Meyerland area of Houston, TX.
by my friend Chuck Shramek.

Somebody want to take a shot and tell me what caused this effect?

Could it beeeeeeee...


In checking out the effect, the glowing spot is traditionally called a "sundog".
It's caused by refraction, as in a prism, throught fine droplets
of kerosene and gasoline that make up the raw jet fuel."

I think there's more up there than that, however.

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