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Lorie Kramer

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April 21, 2011 What's a little fallout, heh? Fukushima and Thunderdome

Like myself, I am sure many other people older than the 20 - 30 somethings have more than once been reminded of the Mad Max movies and Thunderdome during recent events and the threat of radiation spreading over the globe. Why wouldn't one think of Mel Gibson and Tina Turner and the antics of Master Blaster in Bartertown at a time like this? Especially Thunderdome. The image is familiar, somehow.Click here.

February 23, 2011 Remember The Alamo! ...and the people who fought there.

What touches me about the Alamo defenders is who they were. It wasn't just Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie. Examining the names and the places those people traveled from to join the fight takes one back to a mindset that seems rare today. Check out some of the names, did you expect an Esparza or Fuentes or the Black Freedman, John? The idea was that the PEOPLE of Texas were fighting for their independence. Race didn't matter, age didn't matter, religion didn't matter, cultural heritage didn't matter, where one came from didn't matter. Click here.

February 13, 2011 - Hey CBS Atlanta, You Want Chemtrail Pictures?

Lorie Kramer's response to CBS Atlanta and their request for pictures of so-called chemtrails.
Audio accompanying video is a selection of excerpts of interviews on the Jeff Rense program of Clifford Carnicom from 2000 to 2010. Important, concerning, and urgent information that the MSM has done nothing but marginalize or dismiss for over a decade. CBS...I've got your chemtrail pictures right here. And you know what you can do with them!
Click here.

January 26, 2011 - "Disaster Not Found"

Yet another example one can show two friends of how much we can depend on our government to get it right. Click here.

January 7, 2011 - Take THAT, AGAIN Magnetosphere!! G1 Geomagnetic Storm 1.6.11

Unusual activity of the Earth's Magnetosphere was observed for the second time in 10 days and was reported today as a "minor" G1 geomagnetic storm. Click here.

December 28, 2010 - Take THAT, Magnetosphere!!

Unusual activity of the Earth's Magnetosphere was observed and reported today as a "minor" G1 geomagnetic storm occurred. Click here.

October 31, 2010 - Hope In Hospice - A Forgotten Immigrant Story

Times like these make one, if they have a working heart, think about the life of the person leaving, and their connection to their own life, and to those who have gone before. Click here.

March 16, 2010 - Census 2010 - The Trademark of the Beast

The ever intriguing Jim Kirwan posted an article on March 16, 2010 on entitled "Owning The 'United States®'". Then, a great follow up "Round Two - Who Owns This Country?" The first article referred to the trademark symbol that appears with the logo on the envelope in which the 2010 U.S. Census form is contained. This piqued my curiosity about the logo itself, and the fact that it is trademarked. I thought I'd look into it a bit.Click here.

December 18, 2009 - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.... ??? (It's CHRISTMAS, stupid!)

Why is this nation freaking out over the use of the word "Christmas" in "holiday" related language? People use "Merry Christmas" to recognize the important and popular holiday all over the world, and have for centuries. But, lately, America is freaking out!! Even Macy's removed Christmas from it's gift guide and asks its customer to believe. Huh? Believe in what, Santa Claus...Black Friday?Click here.

April 1, 2009 - The Media is the Matrix

Part 4 of the continuing saga of the letter to my Dear, dear America.Yes, that's Soupy Sales. Click here.

March 27, 2009 - Truths, Half-Truths, Lies and Cowards

Follow up to the page "When Is It Going To Be Enough, America?"
It's especially hard dealing with narcissists and other sociopaths. They can be very charming, as a verb, not an adjective. Since their main goal is to get what they want from someone, they at first say and do all the "right" things. They crank up the Mask, put on the show, and it works, for a while. The old saying about if it seems too good to be true, it probably is...that is what happens in the beginning. It is often the first red flag indicating something is just not right about the whole thing. Click here,

March 21, 2009 - Lucky Larry Silverstein Wants MORE - $4.55 Billion Not Enough!

In case you don't remember, he's the big time New York PRIVATE "developer" who got the $2 billion dollar settlement from insurance claims arising from the destruction of the World Trade Center. The largest settlement in US regulatory history, bringing his total take from the insurance claims to $4.55 billion. He got that money in May of 2007. I know, I know, things have gotten more expensive since 2007, but come on! You can't make $4.55 billion work for you, Larry? You have to come to US for MORE? Why do you think that's even an option? Just because you are rebulding the World Trade Center, doesn't mean someone else has to pay for it. Who does this guy think he is? Click here.

March 17, 2009 - So, You Want Some Ideas, America?

Follow up to the page "When Is It Going To Be Enough, America?"
An idea to start things rolling.
Click here.

February 13, 2009 - How Did They Vote? HR1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 111th Congress - 1st Session as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate.Click here.

November 25, 2008 - End the Fed Protests

In 39 cities across the country, FED-UP! citizens protested the Federal Reserve Banking System in the United States. This page is a collective report of those demonstrations. Click here.

November 15, 2008 - Change? Not!

Total of 8 defeated out of 257. Senators Who Voted for the Bailout - Were They Voted Out? Not! Members of the House Who Voted Yes to the Bailout Were They Voted Out? Not! Click here.

October 9, 2008 - Vote NO! For Those Who Voted Yes to the Bailout - Your Voters Guide for the Next Four Years

How'd it turn out? Did we get that CHANGE we all wanted? Click here.

October 4, 2008 - Heroic US Congressmen Who Voted NO To 'Bailout'

Here are the great members of the House of Representatives who voted NO to the so-called 'bailout' both times it was presented this past week. These American patriots did not succumb to massive pressure to betray the People...they truly represented them. These people deserve to be recognized for honoring the wishes of their constituents. Click here.

Timeless - America On Its Knees

A public service message by Conrad N. Hilton, President, Hilton Hotels Corporation.
From "The Battle For Peace" an address by the late Mr. Hilton.
This is from a 1952 or 1953 issue of Life magazine.
Click here.