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To Jane Clemons
And Those Poor Women In New Hampshire

January 4, 2012
Lorie Kramer

Dear Jane, Bette, and Peggy,

OMG! Really?!?! Girls, girls, girls!!! What in the world has gotten to your brains?

I do not live in New Hampshire, but I am a natural born citizen of this country, to which I pledge my allegiance, under God. Are any of you? I am talking mostly about the allegiance part. I can also prove my birth and citizenship, very easily and quickly, which qualifies me to cast votes. I even qualify to run for the Presidency... legitimately.

I do not believe, as an intelligent human being capable of examining evidence and reading the law, that Barack Obama is eligible to either run for, or hold, the office of President of the United States. I write to you because I have recently listened to Jane Clemons being interviewed on Granite State View regarding the qualifications of a candidate to be on the New Hampshire ballot. I have never heard a more disgusting and ignorant exchange between three supposedly intelligent women in my life.

I am embedding the video here, so that you can see for yourself what fools you have made of yourselves and the laws of your state, and this nation. LISTEN to you! What ignorant arrogance!

I have a vested interest that the people who are elected to office in this country, especially one as important as President, be qualified. I do not believe this is the case for the sitting President, meaning I do not believe he is eligible to hold the office. This does not make me a "birther", it does not make me racist, it does not make me a conspiracy theorist! It DOES make me a citizen of this country who demands, and rightly so, that the RULE OF LAW be followed. In this case, I have never been more embarassed for a state in this union than I am for New Hampshire at this moment. From what I can tell the "first in the nation" has become the last in the nation as far as abiding and living by the law of the land, the US Constitution. Pride in your primaries, yea, right.

Are you women nuts?

Listen to yourselves! You are not the least bit concerned that this situation be addressed in a rational, reasonable, by the books manner. The LAW demands it, our CONSTITUTION demands it. However, you choose to ignore the seriousness of this issue.

Jane, you are the worst, because YOU were entrusted with the duty to PROTECT the election. But no, you are too busy demeaning , and name calling, and marginalizing the concerns of THOUSANDS (if not millions by now) of intelligent, informed, and very concerned Americans who can see the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on this country taking place right before their very eyes. You choose to betray your position of trust given to you by your state, and you are betraying your country.


Sooner or later, the truth of the matter will finally be always is. What are you going to say then Bette and Peggy? It will be ALL over Facebook by then! Will they be saying that New Hampshire has a granite head, that's why the truth just can't get in? Sheesh! I truly hope by that time you have chosen to be true Americans and defend our Constitution. But as your song can't always get what you want. I doubt you will, you just don't seem to get it.

Jane, you said it felt like "doing time" sometimes while you were a state representative, I can understand that. It certainly doesn't appear that honoring your nation's laws, and protecting your state from fraud, is something you would be into. You have "partisan " issues, eh? We have CITIZEN issues! Good thing you retired. Too bad your state trusted you with the protection of its ballot. I think you should be the one doing time for betraying your state.

Give it up you say? Not a chance, its our Constitution. Your query that not paying attention will maybe make it go away...not a chance. Many of us still believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. You think the first go 'round was a fiasco? Wait until REAL Americans get done taking care of the business of the Constitution. Real New Hampshire Americans like these:

May God bless them and give them strength as they stand up for our troubled nation. We need more of them, in EVERY state!! Here's to "unruly" state representatives!

And, thank you Orly Taitz ! Hang in there! (Oh, and Jane, it's pronouced "tates", duh)

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