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The Next Voice You Hear... And Strange Sounds

"This is God.
I'll be with you for the next few days."

January 20, 2012
Lorie Kramer

In case that opening doesn't ring a bell, it's from an old 50's movie. The name is The Next Voice You Hear. The quote is delivered by James Whitmore as Joe Smith, to Nancy Davis as Mary Smith. Yes, THAT Nancy Davis, Mrs. Ronald Regan. That performance, in itself, is worth watching the film.

Joe and Mary had the perfect family. Joe went to work everyday at the aero works factory, and Mary stayed at home. They had a son named Johnny Smith, played by Gary Gray. And, there was one on the way. However, back then, being pregnant (gasp!) on the big screen was handled very delicately. Mary was due to pop any day, but she looks like she has a grapefruit under her shirt. Sorry if that was a spoiler (wink).

This is actually one of my very favorite movies. I have said for years that if I ever got bucks, I would check out re-making this movie updated to include cell phones and the internet. I gave Jeff Rense a copy (colorized) about 8 years ago. I told him that, then. "God" being heard everywhere, all at the same time. Wouldn't THAT be a kick! You bet it would. (There wouldn't need to be an app for that.)

The premise is that "God" comes on the radio at the same time every night for a week. "He" just pre-empts the 8:30 p.m. slot. Hey, "God" doesn't need to worry about FCC fines...he's "God." Now seriously though, think about it. Wouldn't that be a trip!? Everyone hears "God" all over the planet, in their own language, at the same time, saying the same thing. Short and sweet. This would definitely be a cut above the billboards that said "Don't make me come down there."

If I was Joe, and/or Mary, I'd be a bit freaked my own self.

The storyline then follows how the characters deal with such a mind bending situation. Remember, they still had dial telephones in the 50's. This took place on the radio, television wasn't in every home. As the days go by, and the messages are relayed... Joe, Mary and Johnny, and their friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers are suddenly pulled out of their regular routines to deal with an unexplained phenomenon, to put it mildly. Their whole perception of reality had to change in an instant. Then, the fear set in, or the denial takes hold.

The things the Smiths and their community go through over the week of "broadcasts" bring the moral parts of the story in to play. Movies in the 50's were all about having a good moral message to them. Most people were, too. I don't want to go into too much of it, because I really don't want to spoil anything. Let's just say they all, and I mean ALL, went into Hope & Change mode, of sorts.

I was reminded of this film this evening as I was attending to a little project I've been working on the last few days. It has to do with all those mysterious "Strange Sounds", or "Sons Estranhos", if you happen to be in Brasil. Multitudinous reports of this phenomenon have been coming in from all over the globe. It's some pretty weird stuff. Their friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers are suddenly pulled out of their regular routines to deal with an unexplained phenomenon, to put it mildly. Their whole perception of reality had to change in an instant. Then, the fear set in, or the denial takes hold. Even the animals think something's up, according to a few examples I have seen with critters in them.

I have checked out over 100 different reports. Sadly, I am having to start wading through all the idiots that think it's funny to make fart jokes, or a trumpet serenade. Sigh. But still, it's not hard to find decent examples. My project is to see where, and when, it is occurring. They're everywhere. It will be up very soon. I will keep it updated as much as time allows, and my patience for finding longitudinal and latitudinal points is not exausted.

The Strange Sounds Map is now up and can be found here.

A frequent association I have been seeing is with the "The Trumpet Judgments" of Revelation 8, in the Bible. Oh, oh, I said the "B" word. Let me state, for the record, that I know that book has been messed with big time, and I also think that religion is man's way of controlling man, in the name of God. So, don't expect a bunch of Bible thumping here. None of us need a book or club to get right with God, so to speak. We already have all we need.

I digress.

I think these events might be causing people to do a little Joe & Mary time. That might not be such a bad thing. Heaven knows (no pun intended) what is causing these sounds, but they are strange enough, and big enough, and frequent enough to cause a pause.

Looks like somebody's up to something. Even if it is just good 'ol Sol. At times like this, one might think, if one was into thinking, about the way we think about our selves, our neighbors, our planet, etc., and whatever we think of whomever God, Higher, or Lower, Power That Be.

I know Joe and Mary, and even little Johnny, did a bit of thinking over that week that they heard "God" on their living room radio. I'm betting the people who have heard these unidentifiable, very loud, some say creepy or otherwordly, sounds are doing a bit of thinking, too. I know I have been, how about you?

So anyway, that was just a thought. The next voice you least "God" gave a station ID on the radio. Who knows what and or who is behind this stuff? Think about it.

If you've made it this deserve to watch the original trailer of The Next Voice You Hear.
I love the road rage sceen.

Strange Sounds Map


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