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What Radar Tells About Flying Saucers


Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe


This page contains excerpts from the
December 1952 issue of True (The Man's Magazine).

The article on page 25 is titled "What radar tells about flying saucers."

35mm film frames 8/20/52
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"Hovering object that was scanned by radar and seen by ground watchers
was caught on film by a climbing jet piolet. These unretouched 35 mm.
gun-camera movie frames, released to TRUE by the Air Force,
were taken at 30,000 feet, near Wright Field, at 11 a.m. on August 20, 1952.

Image of controllers at radarscope
"Saucer spots played among
markers used by controllers to
direct airliners on Washington
traffic-center radarscope."

"Air Force radarmen learn to identify all normal phenomena."

Below is an enlargement of the diagram made from
a controller's original sketch. I have cleaned it up
purely to make it easier to read. I have not changed
anything other than contrast and brightness after scanning it.

Illustration of 7/20/52 radarscope

"From a controller's original sketch, some saucer movements
July 20 on Washington
radarscope are diagrammed above.
At (A), seven blips appeared suddenly. Two moved ((B)) near White House, one near Capitol.
At (C), one fled a north-westbound airliner (indicated by row of blips).
Later ((D)) ten flocked at Andrews Field.
(E) illustrates a saucer's right-angle turn compared with curving turn of ordinary aircraft."

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