So, You Want Some Ideas, America?

Lorie Kramer
March 17, 2009

This is for all of you who have written since you read my letter to America a few days ago.
OK, so it's also to those who didn't write and just had their own questions, or not.

I have been receiving some pretty interesting responses to the piece.
Not being one to walk away from a good discussion, let's kick it around.

I don't know where to start actually, kind of like I was feeling when I started to write about HR875...
and you saw where THAT went!

Gee, do I start with some "Inflammatory rhetoric not answers" which most likely "will finally give them the excuse they need to declare martial law and send out the troops to round us up."?? Nyaaaah. :-P Wow! I wish my kids got as motivated when they hear me get after them; as this person seems to think my words will motivate crowds, yea, a whole nation to mayhem and madness!!! If someone is STUPID enough to resort to violence, they will find a reason all on their own. I am not that powerful to make someone else's choices. I follow the law, that's all I ask of them. THAT'S what the article was about.

Geez. I didn't know "they"needed an excuse to do the martial law thing. They don't seem to need one for anything else. What was the excuse for the Iraq war? Oh yeah, weapons of mass destruction. If they want martial law, they'll do it. I can't control that, either can you. It is what it is.

OK, so what was next? Oh yeah, I didn't call out the Zionists. Nope, I didn't. It wasn't about that. If you feel you need to hear me say it, however, here ya go...Zionists, I'm calling you out. (Not Jews, not anti-semitic, don't even go there, Zionists are secular, not religious, get a clue).

So now, do y'all feel better? If I say it a couple more times, will that make a difference? Let's see....zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists. Shhhhh!!! Did you hear that?

Listen. Close

I don't hear anything.

Maybe I didn't say it enough.

Well heck, let's try it again, with a little gusto this time.... zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists, zionists.... See? I don't think it made a bit of difference. Maybe if I could write it a gazillion times THAT would make a difference. A Gazillion may still not be enough, it's just a guess. It's not based on any particular data point. I just really wanted to come up with a really big number. Yeah, they are controlling jerks sucking the life out of everything..... Ok, I'm over that...what's next?

Major Assholes.

Yup, I think that was the next one. What I don't get is why the fight fire with fire thing is considered a viable option? Why be Major Assholes? I tried dating one once for a while, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Besides, aren't those the ones that got us into this, anyway? I thought so. So, being Major Assholes is not going to get us out of it. It will only make us Major Assholes too, which just means we add to the Major Asshole population, and then the only people you have to hang out with are Major Assholes. I don't see the win there. And don't start writing to me that this is just about men. I know plenty of Major Assholes that are women. The guy that wrote to me identified himself as a "Patriot and Major Asshole". To further clarify, let me give an example of the opposite type of person. Oath Keepers. Now to me, these are some REAL men and women. I hope they grow by legions. Next...

Heads on a stick! Torches and pitchforks!

I always thought that this option probably sounds like much more fun than it actually is. Kind of like making love in the sand and surf like they do in the movies. It looks good in "Frankenstein", but I'm not so sure it would work in all area codes. Plus, torches and pitchforks tend to bring out Major Assholes; so it's not a crowd I want to do major problem solving with. Maybe it's just me.

Ideas, ideas...I'm supposed to give you ideas, not just talk about what was wrong. Hmmmmm.

I got one. Ok, so I know that's not enough, but it's one.

You see what you think about this one. I'll think of some more and get back to you.

Idea #1
Get a plant that produces fruit and grow it.

Taaa Daaa!!!!!

How was THAT for an idea? What, you say? My idea sucks? That's not much of an idea? You haven't even tried it yet.

Go to someplace that sells garden plants. ANY place but Walmart.

Get a nice plant. It won't cost that much. You know, tomatos, peppers, lettuce, whatever you like. Then, plant it. Somewhere. Preferably where you can see it and take care of it. It can be in your yard, it can be in a pot on your stoop. It can even be in a window box, right George? (wink)

So now, decide that this plant is going to thrive under your care. Decide it. Then do what it takes to make that happen. As you take care of it, water it, fertilize it if you can swing that, share some with someone else, it'll help. If you are not sure if you can do it, why not? You're not telling it HOW to do it, you are making it possible for it to be in a place where it can DO IT ALL BY ITSELF! Because it already knows how. Whoodathunkit? In time, you will see. You will be eating tomatos or strawberries...unless you planted radishes. If there's more than one of you doing this, you can share the "fruits of your labor" get it? Of course you do. Anyway the plant is smarter than us sometimes. It gives back for the care you gave it. It's how things work. You can feed your self. Maybe not everything, but some things. Get a plant. Practice. First idea. More to come, don't write me that it's not enough.

Where's yours?

Comments from Dear, dear America Readers

"I have never seen or read anything so succinct about the American people. I am ashamed of my fellow citizens for their wanton ignorance! They seem to like it. Maybe it is the chemicals and flouridized water keeping everyone so calm. I'm not, but I don't drink the stuff. But, I'm 50 years old, married to a judge and fight these battles when I can. I'm hoping the young people see through this bs before it consumes them."

"I'm an older Viet Nam Era Veteran. Disabled ( NSC ). Living in Pennsylvania. I love my country. My country is not the government, it's the people. I guess I'll have to "up armor," my wheelchair if need be, & get ready to fight once again, as all those holy & honored patriots who came before "US." I wish I could do more ! My life is worthless & meaningless if I don't live in a free country. And even worse if I do nothing to "honor & defend it." I'm ready to fight & die right now if need be. I've surely had enough of this "TREASON & TYRANNY." Like popeye said," That's all I can stands, & I can't stands no more ! "

"Americans are in a coma. The twisted and perverted has become normal. The irrational has become rational. The lies have become truth and the truth has become lies.Chronic illness is now an accepted way of life. The synthetic has become natural and the natural has become the "fringe." The family has been destroyed and no one seemed to even care. Women have become men and men have been emasculated. The shocking and vulgar has become routine. Decency has become boring. Everyone and everything in our lives is being brought to the lowest common denominator. Only in America is human sorrow and suffering a commodity. There is no fullfillment in virtually anything we do and human contact has been reduced to a FaceBook page. It is a pitiful state of affairs and most Americans dont even recognize it. I wish I could find some like minded people who are committed to living free or die. Start a community of people who are totally committed to pursueing real freedom. We will grow our own food AND medicine and when our corporate government tries to take it away we will all fight together----and to the death if necessary. For "it is better to die as a free man than to live as a slave." Apart from a "Great Awakening", I see no other alternative."

"The Calvary is on the way! We just had to wait for the bad guys to have the greatest advantage. That's the way it always is because the good guys by nature are peaceful brutes hoping for the best, but knowing deep inside the conflict is inevitable. The inevitable is now upon we good guys and be assured that the good guys always win. There will be great suffering and turmoil and things as we know it in America will change, but that will be for the better."

"Thank you for your article. Thank you. I am here wondering the same thing. Where are you America?"

"Since I'm 86 years old (but still dance twice a week) I've seen much more downsizing and outsourcing of America in all areas than you have, and I may even be more pissed about it. But I, like you, are a voice in wilderness; we are not only singing to the choir, but we're wasting our time: the choir doesn't even know we exist.
I believe that, unfortunately, our great, constitutional nation is in its dying throes. Empires do, according to history, kill themselves in about 250 years, give or take. So our time is about up. Which is really disturbing me. I'm a WWII vet with three years oveseas in the Pacific, and I have come to the conclusion that what I did over there, instead of helping to "protect" America, wound up helping to destroy it.
So when I read an article like yours, and KNOW that most of it is dead-on, I get all teared up and wonder how we can be so insensitive, unaware, disinterested and dismissive about what our Founders did for us by giving the King of England the finger and creating our own free, independent and self-reliant nation. And how we can be so unconcerned as to let the international bankers, the corrupt politicians, the traitorous administrations, and the neocons who are squeezing us into the New World Order, get away with it...without getting our backs up and taking over the government."

Many people liked the Vernon Howard quote at the bottom of the letter page. Have another:

"The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality,
such as exploiting people while pretending to help them."

Vernon Howard

Now quitcherbitchin' and go get your plant! This isn't over.

UPDATE - Idea # 3
Tell the Truth - Come Clean

Lorie Kramer
Houston, TX