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UPDATE below - Take THAT, Bitch!
And.....there's more coming.

Bad Jewish & Presbyterian Bastards

And Those Who Support Them

Update - May 14, 2012
Original - March 19, 2012
Lorie Kramer


What an amazing change has come over "our" airwaves since I was growing up. You see, I was raised by a real good Christian woman. The "B" word was never allowed in our home and was considered a crude and derogatory descriptor. True good Christians, especially women, don't use it. My mother won't even say, h - e - double "l". In fact, it is because of several real good Christian women that I turned out with a decent set of values and respect for others. It is obvious the creators of the disgusting program "Good Christian Bitches" aren't lucky enough to be able to say the same. That's because they are bad Jewish Torah Believers and a Bad Presbyterian. Bitches may or may not also apply in a couple of cases. Can't say chaleria, or klafte, wrong equipment there. As usual, there's no real word for the male version.

I haven't been a member of an organized religion for decades, however, I live in a country founded on a much different way of being than what is demonstrated today, especially in the media. I don't watch their boob tube, so their tricks don't work on me. But I can not sit silently by without expressing my disgust and reporting on the people and "products" behind the broadcasting of this base programming. A good Christian woman taught me better. I have grandchildren.

Well, money talks, and bullshit walks, and the money behind this bullshit is not going to be coming from ME! My money's walking, that's what I'm sayin'!

Here's the thing. I don't have to support them....ANY of them. And neither do you. Maybe if they realize we are tired of this garabage and will not give them any of our dollars unless they clean up their act, they might attempt to clean up their act. Or at least realize that advertisers on such crap programs will NOT be supported, ney, will even be boycotted. Or else we keep on going down the proverbial toilet, an unrecognizable remnant of what once was. Use their damn money against them! You don't have much else in your arsenal's all been whittled away.

Silence Is Consent!

This is an opportunity to tell those low down, cootie bearin', SOB's... (must be, no? because surely THEIR mothers are cool with what they do, and whom they insult and they already approve of the word.) ...just what you think of the crap they crank out, and support. I have contacted each advertiser notifying them of my commitment. That commitment being NOT to do business with ANY advertisers on GCB. And I mean ANY of them. In some cases this meant ending business relationships that have been ongoing for over 20 and 30 years.

Too bad, so sad. It's just stuff. I'm standing up for the real good Christian women I know and love. Won't YOU?

I want to make sure we all know who we're dealing with here. For an excelent article that goes into better detail, and will tell you exactly how to contact the advertisers you see around here (taking the money you are giving them for their "products" and supporting this...I am running out of adjectives for degradation and disrespect)...this waste of time and soul draining programming...see Rev. Ted Pike's page here.

Update - 3/21 This week's episode's sponsors. - Contact info at end of page here
Update - 3/26 This week's episode's sponsors. - Boycott WORKING! Adios Huggies and Progressive Insurance here
Update - 3/27 This week's episode's sponsors. - BareEscentuals Bails here
Update - 3/28 This week's episode's sponsors. - MARSHALLS EXITS here
Update - 4/2 This week's episode's sponsors. - LINDT CHOCOLATES FLEES here
Update - 4/5 This week's episode's sponsors. - Scrubbing Bubbles, Pedigree and Royal Caribbean...GONE!! here
Update - 4/10 This week's sponsors - FRITO-LAY/PEPSICO WON'T SPONSOR GCB here
Update - 4/23 DAIRY QUEEN DUMPS GCB here

Bad Jewish & Presbyterian Bastards

Funny thing, in checking them out, no info about any mothers around. That could explain a lot, right there.
They probably wouldn't mind their kids being called bastards anyway, right?

Robert Harling
script writer
Darren Star
executive producer
Alan Poul
Aaron Kaplan
His blog says he is Presbyterian. Born in Dothan, AL Moved to Natchitoches, LA with family in his teens. Originally studied to become a lawyer, Tulane, chose acting instead. Steel Magnolias, etc.
So, I guess there was
drama between Star and Harling. Figures, bitches are everywhere, apparently. So, why not Good Jewish Bitches, eh?
Claims no disrespect going on here...
in what Universe?
Star was born in Potomac, Maryland. Star is gay, Jewish and has residences in New York City and Los Angeles. So sayeth Wikipedia. In 2008, Star, "sat down to speak with Haaretz last week at the end of a brief but intense visit to Israel (his second, he first came here when he was 16)" ...
"I like that there is consciousness about Israel as a community and business, as a place where ideas are percolating on our radar in Hollywood. And people are also looking at Israel for ideas," he said."
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Association of Yale Alumni lists Poul 76 as LGBT Reunion Gold Host
Alan is interested in Preserving Our Queer Legacy. ... by Alan Poul upon receiving the Legacy Award at a benefit for the Outfest Legacy Project at the Directors Guild of America. Outfest is Los Angeles' Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the Legacy Project is dedicated to the preservation and archiving of LGBT material.
Not a lot out there about Aaron. Former William Morris TV agent.
Short article about life after WMA.
Into "reality" projects.
Son of director Irving Kaplan

Irv was a stand-up narrator in a segment of Alan Rosenthal's1988 Israel Film Service film Jerusalem Gates of Time

Can you imagine the outrage were this to be about any other religion? When does Good JAP Bitches start? Don't make me break out the Jewish wife jokes!! I don't see how any of these twits have any clue about Christian women, good, or otherwise. But I suppose the choice of title indicates that.

If you are like me, use that word "they" so like to banter about. Be OFFENDED, and let them know you are most assuredly so.

Go to Rev. Ted Pike's page here for contact information links to the sponsors.

Creators and Sponsors of Disrespect


Look What YOU Can Do!!

The following companies may now be referred to as FORMER sponsors of GCB. That's right, the calls and emails are working!
Here's the brands that have decided advertising on GCB is NOT worth the risk!! It's because of you, unless you STILL remain silent.
I think with Easter approaching the remaining sponsors need to learn they will have egg on their faces,
and a LOT less money in their pockets, should they continue to spend their precious advertising budgets
on ABC's cheap, disrespectful, low brow, CRAP.
Take THAT, Bitch! And there's more coming... COUNT ON IT!

Sponsors of Disrespect

These companies continue to give their money (YOUR money, if you buy their stuff) to the sponsorship of GCB.


Update - 3/21 This week's episode's sponsors. - Contact info at end of page here

This is for all the little ladies that will be cooking and baking their hearts out these Fridays in lent.
And, my mom.

Good Christian Bitches? Don't Get Mad Get Ahead
Walter Allen Thompson

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