May 5, 2004

Dear Reader,
FYI The previous page is an old page.

I've been at this a long time. Almost 5 years now.The "hits" page was written years ago. Much has changed in the chemtrail/aerosol operations issue.
Much, has not.
I don't update the stats anymore. There are currently 3161 member "kooks" in CTTUSA. (4805 as of 6/16/13)

I don't look at my hits records much anymore. But I still track them. # 1 I don't have time to look at them looking at me. #2 When I do, I still see many of those on the list, and new ones as well. They go to my site more than I do.
Just to prove my point, I'll go check the "hits" page you just came from right now......

OK...I checked the last 20 visitors to that page, these were among them -

5 4 2004 18:15:18
5 5 2004 15:47:3 -
"Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Bucharest Romania
5 4 2004 16:7:14 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA AD33/Office of the Chief Information Officer, MSFC, AL
5 5 2004 16:16:11 British Columbia Systems Corporation Victoria, BC, Canada

So there ya go.

And this is when 9 of the last 20 hits were made by ME because I'm working on the page. (shrug)

There's plenty of records of the same kind of visitors to sites that follow the illegal aerosol operations, or "chemtrails", issue.We've all seen them.

The point remains, as it did in March of 2000 ...
if it's not REAL, WHY do they come????

The DOD has lost HOW much money over the last few years????

The operations are making people sick.

The operations are destroying eco-systems.

The operations have been undertaken without informed consent.

The operations have been undertaken without environmental impact studies.

The operations continue.

For all this time, I have been saying that I will not spend another 30 seconds on this issue if I find out it is not real...
I'm still waiting to quit.

(Still waiting, 6/16/13)

Lorie Kramer